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10 Ways to Say It… with Beer Cards!

Beer Lover's Handwritten Card by Sparrow Nest Script

Beer Lover’s Handwritten Card by Sparrow Nest Script

Truth be told there’s a card about beer for almost every occasion. They celebrate love of beer, love bigger than beer, and the consequences of love after beer. Some even express get well wishes to a friend in such a sad state, he isn’t able to pour himself a beer. Tragic.

With a roundup of favorites, a toast to you. May your pints be green, your luck overflowing, and the rainbows end wherever you are. Happy Patty’s!

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16 Beer Gifts You’ll Raise A Pint To

Beer is Proof God Loves Us and Rate That Beer

Raise your mug and toast your favorite brewmaster, it’s International Beer Day! With celebrations in pubs and breweries around the world today, it seemed a fine time to share with you these sixteen awesome gifts for beer lovers.

So if you’ll be my Hops, I’ll be your Barley and tell you a tale of gifts to celebrate your favorite ale.

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Beer Gifts Collage9 Great Beer Gifts

Animated Dads: 8 Premium Fatherly Brews

Cheers Premium Fatherly Brews

The men’s style blog, EveryGuyed has teamed up with Moxy Creative House for a limited edition print series of 8 animated dads re-envisioned as beer cans.

Purchase at Moxy Creative House—a print of your favorite paternal toon, or the ensemble of eight shown above.

From Homer Simpson to Papa Smurf, can you identify them all?

(hint: Hakuna Matata makes a great karaoke song after a few brews.)

h/t Quipsologies

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3 Ways to Drink with Pi

theUncommonGreen Pi Bottle Opener by Brian Green

Brian Johnson is a clever one. He designs a mix of art, furniture and home accessories for theUncommonGreen, a design house he founded based out of Boston. Brian also appears to have a special place in his heart for pi.

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theUncommonGreen Pi Pint Glass by Brian JohnsontheUncommonGreen Pi Coaster by Brian Johnson