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Ready For College Football?

Number 1 Homecoming Game by Alphabet City Photo

Number 1 Homecoming Game, at Alphabet City Photo‘s Etsy shop

Are you ready for some football? Because I am! Get set to be decked out in your favorite team’s gear, belly up to the cooler, and spend some time in close quarters with fellow football watchers. We’ve put together a selection of gifts that are sure to get even the most fair-weather fan into game day fighting form!

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Make This Gift: Dyed Golf Balls

Dyed Golf Balls

You remember these pants. Well what if he had balls to match? (Oh you stop, I’m talking about golf balls).

Instead of a monogram or putting someone’s face on the ball, here’s a fun way to personalize golf balls so that they’re easier to identify on the course and a lot more colorful.

With just some water and a little bit of dye, create a rainbow for the whole family to use or choose your golfer’s favorite colors for a simple DIY gift made with love.

The instructions are here. Let me know how yours turn out!

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Gifts Gone Golfing

Nice Pants by Landon Nordeman

What’s your relationship with golf? Do you play? Love someone who does? Do they wear rainbow polka dot pants? They should.

I took up the game, quite casually, about a year ago. In other words, I mostly play when we’re visiting my in-laws. I found myself more into it than I’d expected to be. Turns out golf’s a lovely cocktail of serenity and frustration, athleticism and bloody marys.

When it comes to gifts for golfers there’s an unfortunate amount of chintzy gift ideas out there. While it’s tempting to tell you all about the worst ones I’ve seen (perhaps that’s a fun post for another time), I’d rather save you time and help you out with the good stuff. Here’s a few favorite golf gifts for the linksman (or woman) in your life.

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15 Mouthwatering Game Day Recipes

Pioneer Woman: Mushroom-and-Swiss Sliders with Spicy Fry Sauce

It’s Super Bowl time again which means Sunday evening parties, wacky commercials, awkward musical half-time shows, and tons of tasty food. Oh yea, and football.

Since the best gift for your host is a delicious addition to the smorgasbord, we thought we’d help you out with recipes from some of our favorite food blogs. Happy eating!

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