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Score Coupons to Favorite Stores by Playing This Game

The Amazing Game of REcollection

Our friends at Holiday Matinee have made something for you. It’s a matching game for your iPhone you can play to win real life coupons (real life!).

The Amazing Game of REcollection will have you reminiscing about the familiar memory game while it exposes you to inspiring art and products. Yes, in true HM fashion it delivers with a dose of creativity and feel-good inspiration.

The Amazing Game of REcollection products

And of course the best part, each time you win you get a coupon to an awesome retailer. Truly. These are some of my most favorite—lifestyle brand Holstee with their eco focus and wonderful style; WeJetSet and their assortment of products to make your travels especially fabulous; Feelgoodz, who makes recyclable, biodegradable, super comfortable flip-flops; our most favorite geeky and playful photography shop in all the land, Photojojo; and cheeky guys outfitter, Toddland.

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The Amazing Game of REcollection products

Learn Something Every Day

Back in the day, Snapple cap facts were my fave. I mean, how else would I know that the Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 sandal? Pretty positive that wisdom will come in handy someday.

Naturally, my eyes lit up when I stumbled upon Learn Something Every Day. It’s a simple illustration project started by Young, a creative agency in the UK, and it’s easy to get lost in these drawings for hours. For instance, did you know eating bananas attracts mosquitoes or that pogonophobia is the fear of beards? Cray cray for sure.

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I Spy Hipsters

Hipster Bingo

Challenge your friends to a hipster-spotting contest. You already know how to play—snap a pic and be the first to fill your card. Who knows, you might win a fixie! (Not really, it’s just for fun. Unless the hipster fairy visits you in the middle of the night. Maybe put your iPhone under your pillow?)

If you find beards, bangs and Bill Murray endearing like I do, a game like this is icing on a delicious vegan cupcake. Betcha I could step outside and spot them all in a five minute walk to fetch a latte. (Man, I love Portland. And lattes.) Ready, go!

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Never Forget an Anniversary with MANsaver

No excuses! Men and misters (even aloof betties too), consider yourself saved. Saved from the shame, the embarrassment, the missed opportunity, to do a little something nice for your S.O. A little effort goes a long way, guys.

MANsaver is a new iPhone app that prompts you to enter your relationship start date and then does the rest. It includes a bank of lovey holidays, calculates important milestones, and then sends push notification reminders right when you need them, leading you down the path toward super casanova.

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mansaverMan Saver AppMan Saver AppMan Saver App

Little pencils don’t stand a chance


New iPhone app brings order to your IKEA shopping trip

Does that say Liljestad or Lillberg? I can’t read my notes. I’m at IKEA and I’m measuring this thing while eying that thing while…ooo! light bulbs, don’t forget light bulbs.

That’s been me on more than one occasion at the blue and yellow behemoth of flat-packed Swedish goodness. But like MJ said, I am not alone. I’ve seen you, my fellow mumbling and fumbling aisle-wanderers—hands full, retracing your steps a few too many times.

Thankfully one among us has done something to make our IKEA experience a little better.

Danilo Campos took his disdain for wee pencils and his talent for iPhone development, and created SwedeShop.

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