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Hold-In-Your-Hand Gifts for Instagramers

Printstagram Poster

Printstagram Instagram Poster

Do you Instagram? You know, that lovable photo-sharing app that makes sun-drenched brunches last forever and ensures you’ll never look down at your toes quite the same way again.

What about your husband? The father of your minis? Maybe even your Dad?

What if he could wear his favorite colorized candids? Pin perfect compositions to the wall? Or flip through favorite photos of his favorite faces in a pocket-sized tiny book? He can! With Printstagram.

Printstagram is a service that turns your instagrams into physical, tangible items, a.k.a. gifts! Utilizing your photos, or those of your friends, they make it possible to create posters, stickers, and now t-shirts, of any pics you choose.

Dads are hard to shop for to be sure, so I especially love these for Father’s Day, but they of course make great gifts all year long—for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding favors, and they’re really fun graduation gifts too!

Printstagram Miniprints

Printstagram Instagram Miniprints

Printstagram T-Shirt and Printstagram Tinybook

Printstagram T-Shirt and Printstagram Tinybook

Happy Prinstagram Poster recipient

Happy Prinstagram Poster recipient

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  1. This is a great way to make those instagram photos tangible. How does it compare to Hipstamatic, though?