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S’more Gifts for S’mores Day

S'more by David Schwen

There isn’t much better than sitting around a campfire, no laptops, no TV, just good friends, good times and of course, s’mores.

What is it that makes s’mores so awesome? Is it the crunch of the graham cracker? The smoosh of the marshmallow? Or the rich melty chocolate sandwiched inside? I think it’s the whole shebang—a combo often set aside for when we’re nestled in the woods with a flame and a stick.

In celebration of S’mores Day, here’s a s’morgasbord of gifts (see what I did there?) for roasting inside and out, at home or the campsite.

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The Secret to the Perfect S’more

The Art And Science of S'mores

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It’s National S’mores Day and we’d like to know, how do you take your marshmallow?

On the scale from rare to aflame, do you prefer yours barely browned and bouncy or blackened and oozy?

REI got me wondering about this and more with The Art and Science of S’mores. Did you know graham crackers were named after one Rev. Sylvester Graham? Yeah me neither.

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smores-croppedThe Art And Science of S'mores