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Meet the Startup

Wantist on Meet The Startup

Each day we face our to-dos—unearthing gift ideas, developing, posting, designing, chewing through email—with a goal of helping you give amazing gifts. We do so with a tiny team, a lot of heart, and beautiful Portland, Oregon outside our window.

Today on Portland’s own Meet the Startup, Jacob shares more about Wantist than you’ve probably heard before. The ins and outs, the ups and downs—we hope you enjoy it!

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Best Week EVER

Bubbles and Bokeh by Nick Harris

We’re still beaming. What a wonderful week it’s been!

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support. As we grow and proceed to tell the world about the amazing gifts they can find on Wantist, we know it’s up to us to keep making the site better and provide something great to shout about. Thanks for your tweets, your posts, and your smiles when we try to be funny—it means the world.

So pardon us while we heave a giant whew, give the weekend a big smooch, and tell you all about these awesome last ten days that include an anniversary, an unforgettable Saturday and compliments from some of our personal heros.

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Wantist + WLWL!

WLWL7 - Wantist in welikewelove magazine

Sometimes you get to be in a super cool magazine. And it’s so much fun when you do!

We’re absolutely thrilled to share the pages with all the inspiring and beautiful people in the lastest issue of WLWL—welikewelove is a magazine about sharing the things you like & love.

Full of awesome fashion photography, interviews with favorite bloggers, great food, good music, a house to die for, and so much more.

Check us out on pages 30-31 and read about how Wantist came to be, some thoughts on gift-giving, and why we love what we do.

Thanks so much to Liz & Alyssa. You guys inspire and amaze us all the time!


Look Who’s on Apartment Therapy!

Wantist A Gift Guide for Design Lovers : Apartment Therapy

It’s super exciting when word starts to spread about the labor of love you’ve been working on for a long time.

We’re thrilled about Apartment Therapy’s post yesterday and welcome all the new friends who discovered Wantist via the veteran design blog.

“A gift-centric shopping site that’s very simple and a lot of fun to play with.” We think so too!

Here’s the post: Wantist: A Gift Guide for Design Lovers

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Wantist A Gift Guide for Design Lovers : Apartment TherapyWantist A Gift Guide for Design Lovers | Apartment Therapy