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You move me, said the wall

Mio Culture Room Divider

MIO’s Nomad modular architectural system divides your space

If you’ve ever shopped for a room divider, then you know. Something good looking, flexible, affordable and NOT a cheapy three-panel with built-in picture frames, is hard to find.

We’ve lived through many scenarios where the Nomad System would have been just the thing we were looking for. Having moved eight times in the last ten years, three of those cross-country, and landed in a live/work studio, the name “Nomad” isn’t lost on us.

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Mio Orange

For Kitty, without the kitsch

Buddha: A modern wall perch for your cat

Eat, sleep, play, repeat

Oh to be a cat. When you’re ornery, we call you independent. With a content purr, you melt our hearts. And to love you back we oblige your restless instincts with toys and treats that are as much for our enjoyment as they are yours.

Cat as art

We adore our pets for their furry little faces, soft paws and timely snuggles. We also like to watch them—observing their curiosity, cunning and clumsiness with irrepressible smiles on our faces.

That’s just one reason why we think the Buddha wall perch is an awesome idea. Made with your choice of bamboo or 100% recycled wood fiberboard and an inlaid (replaceable) scratching surface that comes in a variety of colors, the Buddha mounts to your wall with the included brackets and can support a kitty up to 40 lbs.

Just imagine, install a few of them and you’ve got an ever-changing feline performance art piece. A smaller go-between perch called the Itch Step is also available.

Eyesore no more

Say goodbye to your molting tower di carpet. Square Cat Habitat created their line of cat furniture to “accent existing modern decor rather than distract from it”. Can we just say thank you? Seemingly something that took us humans way too long to figure out, we’re so glad that they did.

If you’d rather not mount to the wall, Square Cat Habitat also makes a sculptural and quite fantastic 5 ft. cat tree called Baobab for pampered owners, err cats.

Get ready for the cat show. Select the finish that suits your style then watch them perch and play all day. The Buddha wall perch is sold directly from Square Cat Habitat for $70-$100.

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Hello Summer, pull up a chair

Soak up the outdoors in the Cabrio Lounge Chair

If I had a yard

Summer is officially here and it’s time to take your sitting outside. Leave the sofa, close the laptop. If I had a yard I’d be in a blue (maybe a chocolate brown—or a green?) Cabrio Lounge Chair with my toes in the grass, the newest issue of Dwell in hand and a cold hefe nearby on the conveniently wide armrests.

If I had a patio

Shopping for patio furniture can be a real trick. The selection hits stores as a seasonal item, often in a limited assortment of colors and styles. By the first day of summer (ahem, today) you’d be hard pressed to find something that you won’t be frowning at come this time next year. Until there was Loll.

Made out of post-consumer recycled plastic (320 milk jugs to be exact), the result is a weatherproof, fade-proof material that lasts a lifetime and doesn’t need to be covered, stored or tended to.

If I had an outdoor furniture company

Loll was developed around the longevity and sustainability of materials being used by a skatepark manufacturer. They figured if it could withstand the elements plus the skaters while looking and functioning exceptionally well year after year without being disassembled, it’d make for some pretty great outdoor furniture.

In addition, they go above and beyond to be green. The furniture (which by the way there are benches, tables chaises and adirondack chairs too) is 100% recyclable. A tree is planted for every order received, they are 1% for the Planet contributors and much more.

The Cabrio Lounge Chair comes in six colors for $319 from Loll.

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Rock-a-bye little rockstar

Bloom baby lounger looks good in the living room

Dwell well

We’re big believers that your surroundings affect your mood—that your things represent you, most importantly to yourself. If your place looks organized, you feel organized. If the things around you look stylish, you feel stylish. Modern, eclectic, comfortable—pick one, the same rule applies.

Enter baby and our skeptical imaginations depict the aforementioned surroundings run over by Thomas the Tank Engine.

Baby design boom

We’ve yet to jump on the baby bandwagon. However we’re warming up to the idea thanks in part to an evolution in the design of baby stuff. Over the past decade a beautiful thing has happened. Products for the itty-bitty among us are being made with equal consideration for the parents who have to live with, store and lug around this stuff.

Four dads and a baby company

Bloom was created by four dads who completely get our baby goo trepidation. Their entire collection is made to merge the needs of wee ones with the contemporary lifestyle of the entire family.

While style is an evident part of the design process, safety and sustainability are also high priorities at Bloom. Their products and processes are free of all kinds of nasty chemicals. All woods are sourced from certified sustainable forests and all plastic are recyclable and food-safe where needed.

Rock it Coco

The pictured Coco Stylewood lounger was the first Bloom product to catch my eye for its obvious head-turning aesthetic. Truly a departure from traditional baby seats, this makes the world-o-baby look, dare I say, appealing. For now, I’m content coveting from afar (very far. like way over there).

The Coco Stylewood comes in dark or natural wood with a variety of seat colors for $200 at Genius Jones. Shipping is free, a portion of profits go to charity and dwelling well is their gig too.

Also for sale at:

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