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Photo-opoly: The Monopoly Game Made with Your Own Photos

Photo-opoly DIY Phohotgraphy Board Game


What if your Monopoly game was filled with landmarks from your own neighborhood? The house on the hill, that sandwich shop you love, your favorite park—they could all be yours! You could be King of the Hood.

With Photo-opoly your game can be anything you imagine it to be. Whatever you have a photo of is up for grabs, given you have enough play money.

Would you invest in your high school football team? How much is Thanksgiving 2002 worth to you? Maybe you’ve got your money on hairdos of the early 90s?

Photo-opoly has the tools, the rules and the pieces to create a board game empire of your very own. Just bring your own pics!
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Your family tree looks nice up there

Family Tree by Jen O'Neill

Jen O’Neill tells us about her modern genealogy charts

Modern Genealogy

Sometimes you stumble across something and it strikes you as the perfect solution to a dilemma you never knew you had. One such recent and delightful discovery is My Tree & Me.

Jen O’Neill designs and customizes non-traditional family trees that are modern and beautiful. Family, turkey, and friends having babies aside, I’d never considered wanting to display a family tree or to give one as a gift. But as I look through the creative ways Jen has come up with to illustrate one’s family history, I’ve determined that I’d really like an artistic reminder of those special people on my wall.

The charts are gicleés printed on acid free watercolor paper. If you’d prefer to fill in the names yourself, blank charts are available too.

A celebration of who you are and where you came from (and who comes next), they’re a lovely reminder of generations before you. Like nothing I’d seen before, I wanted to find out more about Jen and where the idea came from, so I got in touch. The following are Jen’s words.

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