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Fallback Gift of the Year: Etsy Introduces Gift Cards

Fallback Gift of the Year: Etsy Introduces Gift Cards
I’m not always gung-ho about gift cards. Generally I think they’re a little lackluster. At times impersonal. But this is different. This is big. And I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.

Etsy recently (finally) announced the introduction of Etsy gift cards. The reason this matters is because Etsy is vast. What Amazon is to pretty much everything, Etsy is to pretty much everything handmade.

You see, my favorites list on Etsy is about a million miles long—surely I’m not alone here—making this a really great gift for me. Me. (There, I said it.)

We’ve got gobs of gifts on Wantist hand-picked from Etsy. They’re awesome because the people who make them are awesome, thereby making a gift card that enables folks to shop at whim there, pretty damn awesome.

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Bundle Up! With Handmade Knits by Elde & Lucky 14

Plaid Fingerless Gloves by Elde

Plaid Fingerless Gloves by Elde

One of the many things I love about handmade marketplaces like Etsy and Cargoh is that they’re filled with talented knitters. My skills fall far on the novice end of the skill spectrum but that doesn’t keep me from admiring, getting inspired by, and wanting to get my hands on their warm, cozy creations, especially this time of year.

Two shops have captured my attention recently and have me wanting to bundle up and run outside to play in the leaves. Here are some favorites—mittens, cowls, scarves, yum! They’re from Seyda’s shop Elde, handmade in Turkey, and Lucky 14, handmade by Beatriz in Vancouver, Canada. Did I mention these make lovely gifts? Of course they do!

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Forever Fingerless Gloves by EldeGreen Fingerless Gloves by EldeEar Flap Hat with Pom Poms by EldePebble Beach Chunky Cowl by Lucky 14Frilly Fingerless Gloves in Orange by EldeThe Stevenson Cowl by Lucky 14Grey Neckwarmer by Elde

Curating elsewhere: Etsy!

Something from Etsy for someone by Wantist

We’re adoring everything about today. We’re guest curators on Etsy!

From the world’s most gigantor and well-loved handmade marketplace we’ve selected a small but mighty collection of gift ideas for outdoorsy, fun-loving, professional, domestic, and geeky someones.

It’s an exciting opportunity for Wantist for sure, and absolutely thrilling personally. For the last few years it’s been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and exposure Etsy has fostered for independent makers and their craft. This has broadened our selection as consumers immensely while at the same time given us access to one-of-a-kind products made by remarkable everyday people that we previously would not have had the privilege to support. We like that. A lot.

As curators of gift ideas we relish the opportunity to showcase products from indie sellers on Etsy, Cargoh, Supermarket, Storenvy, Foodzie, Felt & Wire and a gajillion small-scale boutiques right alongside those from the big guys. In fact, we’re just getting started.

Go check out our picks on Etsy, find a handmade gift for someone, and tell us about it in the comments.

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