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Saying Thank You with Holiday Matinee

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Expressing gratitude is a gift itself. You can say thank you for a present and for a gajillion other reasons too. Like, thanks for being such a swell host in your fine town. Thanks for saving me from the side of the road when my car broke down. Thanks for the pancakes. Thanks for being awesome.

After sharing birthday cheer, the gals of Holiday Matinee are back saying thank you. Now it’s our turn. Thanks HM for inspiring creativity, for always saying “you can”, and for sharing Monique and Hannah with us on the blog this week!

Saying Thank You with Monique

Merci Beaucoup by Yellow Owl Workshop

Merci Beaucoup, Yellow Owl Workshop

I will learn French someday, but in the meantime, I’ll fake it with this sweet note from Yellow Owl Workshop.

Thank You for Being A Friend by Concrete Lace

Thank You for Being A Friend, Concrete Lace

Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant…and you deserve this card.

Thanks Man Card Set by Blackbird Letterpress

Thanks, Man Card Set, Blackbird Letterpress

Guys need a little gratitude too! Give this to the dude that saved the day, and make sure to compliment his coveralls.

Spanish Notes by Redstar Ink

Spanish Notes, Redstar Ink

Found these at Renegade Craft Fair last summer, and they’ve been my go-to thank you since. Handmade in San Diego to boot? ¡Olé!

Helicopter Thank You by Ashkahn

Helicopter Thank you, Ashkahn

Just droppin’ in to say thanks!

Saying Thank You with Hannah

Muchas Gracias Card by Beau Ideal Editions

Muchas Gracias Card, Beau Ideal Editions

This is a festive way to give gratitude… plus, the cards are all printed on recycled paper and use soy based inks.

Hey Thanks Note by Hammerpress

Hey Thanks Note, Hammerpress

A simple “hey thanks!” always does the trick.

Ella Thank You Card by Rifle Paper Co.

Ella Thank You Card, Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. knows how to say it with style. I love the details on this card!

Thank You for this Thank You by Sycamore Street Press

Thank You for this Thank You, Sycamore Street Press

Recipe for an awesome greeting card: red ink, Civil War-era mailman, and just a hint of sarcasm.

Seahorses by Hello! Lucky

Seahorses, Hello! Lucky

Because nothing says “thanks” like a bunch of seahorses.

Monique Pouget

Monique Pouget lives in San Diego and contributes to Holiday Matinee. She also works for an online marketing agency, and can often be found bicycling around the neighborhood, sampling craft beer and growing her succulent garden. Check out her blog for all things awesome and say hello on Twitter too. While she’s a big fan of sending cards for no reason at all, she’s happy to be sharing her faves for saying thanks and happy birthday this week!

Hannah Simon

Hannah Simon lives and works in San Francisco, and is a contributing writer at Holiday Matinee. By day, she’s also a Communications Specialist at Wikia, a collaborative publishing platform that enables people to discover, create, and share content on any topic. By night, she’s the Editor-in-Chief of music discovery website Indie Shuffle. Find her on Twitter, where she’s usually posting links to cat videos.

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