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Saying Happy Birthday with Holiday Matinee

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Holiday Matinee is a a blog for creative inspiration. We’re big fans. We love them for their relentless appreciation of people making awesome, for their sense of humor, and their commitment to spreading good vibes. Oh and their monthly mixtapes. Hot.

Created by Dave Brown, the blog now includes five other contributors and we’re jazzed to have two of them with us today. Monique and Hannah have combed the internets to bring you some really fun ways to say Happy Birthday. They’ll be back tomorrow saying Thank You. Without further ado, the ladies of Holiday Matinee…

Saying Happy Birthday with Monique

Facebook Birthday Card by Sycamore Street Press

Facebook Birthday Card, Sycamore Street Press

Send this to the few and far between friend whose day of birth doesn’t require a Facebook notification.

You're Only Young Once by Our Shop

You’re Only Young Once, Our WorkShop

Focusing on youth is the way to go for birthdays. I’d gift this to an older loved one and let them know it’s never too late to start making awesome!

Boulder Holder Birthday Card by Dude and Chick

Boulder Holder Birthday, Dude and Chick

A friendly reminder to have the breast birthday ever.

Strung Up Birthday by Near Modern Disaster

Strung Up Birthday, Near Modern Disaster

Not only did I make you this festive garland, but I’m also going to hold it up all day in your honor! You’re welcome.

Happy Birthday Sasquatch by Orange Twist

Happy Birthday Sasquatch, Orange Twist

Sasquatches know how to party. I mean, come on, he brought balloons!

Saying Happy Birthday with Hannah

Deco Owl by Night Owl Paper Goods

Deco Owl, Night Owl Paper Goods

What’s a birthday without a little play on words?  

Octopus Birthday Card by Delphine

Octopus Birthday Card, Delphine

This card would be perfect for an octogenarian… or anyone, really.

Happy Birthday Bear by Eggpress

Happy Birthday Bear, Eggpress

Pretty sure I’d want this bear to party with me on my birthday. 

Grow Crazy by Dude and Chick

Grow Crazy, Dude and Chick

Dude and Chick’s hipster birthday greeting is perfect for the well-groomed men in your life. 

Birthday Sweet by Snow and Graham

Birthday Sweet, Snow & Graham

Cupcakes and champagne. Enough said.

Monique Pouget

Monique Pouget lives in San Diego and contributes to Holiday Matinee. She also works for an online marketing agency, and can often be found bicycling around the neighborhood, sampling craft beer and growing her succulent garden. Check out her blog for all things awesome and say hello on Twitter too. While she’s a big fan of sending cards for no reason at all, she’s happy to be sharing her faves for saying thanks and happy birthday this week!

Hannah Simon

Hannah Simon lives and works in San Francisco, and is a contributing writer at Holiday Matinee. By day, she’s also a Communications Specialist at Wikia, a collaborative publishing platform that enables people to discover, create, and share content on any topic. By night, she’s the Editor-in-Chief of music discovery website Indie Shuffle. Find her on Twitter, where she’s usually posting links to cat videos.

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