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Throw a party, then throw it all away

Beautiful disposable dishes made from fallen leaves

Feast on This

Every great party creates a great mess. You mingle, you grub, you dance the night away all while the evidence of a successfully hosted shindig piles up around you.

And whether the fact that trillions of disposable plates end up in the trash each year fills you with an Earth-loving lump in your throat or you’re generally apathetic, there’s no denying that the beauty and simplicity of Verterra’s biodegradable (compostable even) dinnerware is a practical solution on so many levels.

Verterra’s bowls, plates and trays are made from four ingredients (if you can call them that)—leaves, steam, heat and pressure. They’re impressively durable and can be baked in the oven, stored in the fridge and used in the microwave.

And they all fall down

Michael Dwork, founder and CEO, came up with the idea on a trip to rural India where vendors were serving food on large pressed leaves. He has since built an inspiring business that provides hundreds of fair-wage jobs in South Asia, where the leaves are sourced.

A completely renewable resource, the leaves simply fall to the ground, are gathered and where they’d usually be burned for removal, are instead used by Verterra.

The natural look

We love that they really do look great, making them that much more appealing to the most discerning party host. They’ve been a hit at weddings, picnics and company soiree’s across the country and are certainly on the shopping list for our next par-tay. Join us, won’t you?

Planning an event for your closest 8 dozen friends? Order Verterra in bulk directly from the manufacturer starting at $75 for 96 plates. Visit the retailers below for smaller quantities.

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