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20 Meatastic Gifts for Carnivores!

Meat Love U

Meat Love U by Charity Ryan

Yeah, yeah, we all know the eat-less-meat buzz is spreading worldwide, but not everyone wants to board that Kermit-colored, rouphage-laden train. Some people prefer to get their protein from something that once had parents rather than a plant or bean. True meat lovers are something of a rare kind. They can name the time and place of their “best steak ever”; they stop at butcher counters, in awe, to admire the vast selection of meaty goodness; they once took a cross-country road trip just to try a burger they saw on TV. These are the true carnivores, the meat lovers of the world, and it is for them that this list was put together!

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Ladies & Gentleman Superior Servers

Superior Servers Set of 4

Feasts, and parties, and potlucks, oh my! Yes, we’re quickly headed into that time of year where gathering around a delicious spread is the festivity of choice for family and friends.

What a gift for your superior host to show up with these Superior Servers. Dipped in a colorful polymer, they’re as whimsical as they are elegant, as modern as they are retro.

I’m sort of in love with them. You?

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