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75 gifts for picky people (61-75)

Happy gift giving!

We wrap up the list with fifteen more gifts for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

Plywerk Gift Certificate

Plywerk Gift Certificate

Plywerk is a great little company up in here in the northwest started with an a-ha moment in 2006 by Kim Nguyen and Kjell van Zoen in their basement. They print and mount your photos onto beautiful bamboo. A beautiful, frameless way to display them and great gift for arty or sentimental people.

Toddland Union Suit

Toddland Union Suit • $38

That’s right, it’s a grown-up onesie, brought to you appropriately by Toddland—the brainchild of Todd Masters, midwesterner turned OC resident who packs a whole lotta fun into his on-trend line.Toddland believes that, “if you are going to take the time to make something, make it as rad as possible.”

Stewart+Brown Fingerless Warmers

Stewart+Brown Fingerless Warmers • $48

Made of 100% yak down, these are absolute favorites and every girl needs a pair. Hurry though, they’re on sale—take an additional 25% off with code SALESALE. One of the earlier pioneers in sustainable fashion, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown make some pretty irresistible stuff for the ladies.


VeggieChop • $29.95

Chopping can be a real pain and add a ton of time to your meal prep, so when we found the VeggieChop we had to have it. With a pull of the handle it does everything from onions, strawberries, even nuts. For homemade pico and soups, we know this will come in handy. Available at Amazon too.

Molly M Layers Earrings

Molly M Layers Earrings • $46-56

Molly McGrath, trained as an architect, got the crazy idea to use the same laser cutting technique she’d been using to make models, to craft her line of jewelry. The results are stunning. Her recent layers collection is made of veneer scraps from a local cabinet shop and a little bit of suede.

TOMS Amigo Fleece Lined Slippers

TOMS Amigo Fleece Lined Slippers • $54

You know TOMS—the awesome shoe company started a couple years ago by Blake Mycoskie with a simple canvas slip-on and gives away a pair of shoes to kids in need for every pair sold. This is their cozy plaid slipper, and a certain someone is hoping Santa leaves these under the tree just for him.

Load-Ding Mobile Device & Organize Station

Load-Ding Mobile Device & Organize Station • $14.95

Especially well suited for the gadget-fancying traveler, this simple and very clever creation lies flat like a piece of paper in you bag, and then curves to create a cozy charging station for your phone or iPod. Felt on the inside creates a soft shelf, and vinyl on the outside keeps its shape.

Fig and Thyme Hand Wash and Lotion

Fig and Thyme Hand Wash and Lotion • $9.50 each

At the kitchen sink or in the bathroom, a nicely scented soap and lotion can mean the difference between a moment of necessity and a moment of indulgence. Daub&Bauble combines warm natural fragrances and beautiful packaging for a price we really like.

Soji Modern Solar Lanterns

Soji Modern Solar Lanterns • $39

These generously-sized lanterns capture the sun by day and illuminate your patio by night. They have no cords to get in the way, are lit with warm amber colored LEDs and turn on at dusk all by themselves. From Allsop, a family run company in Idaho, we can think of so many people we’d like to give these to.

Carga 02 Messenger Bag

Carga 02 Messenger Bag • $245

Mauro Bianucci assembled a bag for himself using construction principles and some left-over felt. He wore it to a meeting and two days later had an order for two more, thus Carga was born. Aimed at men, the bags are hand-crafted responsibly in Buenos Aires from industrial felt, distressed leather and hardware parts. The studio’s in Brooklyn.

Leaf Umbrella

Leaf Umbrella • $30

Anouk Jansen and her partner Harm Magis started their design company in Amsterdam three years ago. All of their products are original, modern and little quirky—qualities not missed on this umbrella. Shaped like a leaf, with colored piping and a twig-shaped handle, it’s a whimsical reminder that those wet dreary days lead to lush green summers.

AshiDashi Prismos Socks

AshiDashi Prismos Socks • $11.99

A pair of colorful, whimsical socks are a great reminder to take yourself less seriously. When they peek from the cuff of your best suit you’re instantly equal parts gentleman and goofball, a.k.a. the perfect guy. AshiDashi’s a little sock company out of Brooklyn. All their designs are limited editions and made in the US.

Lunch Skins Sandwich Bag

Lunch Skins Sandwich Bag • $8.95

Another smart little product that’s a quick step, but a big step for living lighter on the planet are these reusable food safe pouches for your lunch. They’re even dishwashable and made in the US by 3greenmoms, a company started last year by Kirsten, Cris and Jennie, mothers in total of nine.

Cheap Monday Audrey Coat

Cheap Monday Audrey Coat • $162

From their start in 2005, the Swedish company Cheap Monday sought to produce a fashionable clothing line at extremely good prices that held up in stores alongside expensive brands, while maintaining their core values. Now sold internationally at some favorite stores, we get to love on pieces like this lovely Audrey coat.

The Better Life Starter Kit

The Better Life Starter Kit • $35.55

Founders Tim and Kevin are childhood friends turned business partners. They grew up, had kids of their own (hours apart at that), and started a line of cleaning products that are safe, powerful and biodegradable. The scents are light, the packaging is fun and the starter kit is a great introduction to this family brand out of St. Louis.

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75 gifts for picky people (46–60)

Happy gift giving!

More gifts! Here’s the fourth part of our list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

Field Notes Colors Subscription

Field Notes Colors Subscription • $129

If your day job or your side project requires any creativity what-so-ever, you’ll need to keep a notebook handy. For the doodlers and idea people on your list you really can’t go wrong sending them two Field Notes three-packs in very-limited-edition colors every quarter, to suit the season. Give & Take to save fifty bucks.

Shoe Butter Dish

Shoe Butter Dish • $58

We’re perfectly aware this is a little ridiculous. It’s supposed to be. However, in its white porcelain finish it’s fairly subtle—until your guest asks you to please pass the wingtip, err butter. From Jonathan Adler, we continue to love him, his manifesto and whimsical style even if he now has his own Barbie doll.


Buckyballs • $30

Oh Jake and your Buckyballs. You’ve gone and made the new toy that everyone wants, ourselves included. Yes, a little box of magnetized BB-sized balls is where it’s at. We were skeptical until we saw the video—now we’re dying to get our hands on them…and a little nervous that we’ll never put them down.

Tabac Body Creme

Tabac Body Creme • $12

There’s a few spots every guy should look after with a little bit of creme—elbows, knees and knuckles, to name a few. Cold weather and hot showers—his skin needs moisture too and Lisa Broder has the cure. Her Portland General Store products combine natural ingredients, wonderful masculine scents and great packaging for a gift he’ll love.

OOTS! Lunchbox

OOTS! Lunchbox • $35-46

Everyone knows bringing your own lunch is a great way to save money, eat healthier and feel like a dweeb. Now you can lose the latter descriptor with this hot box. In great colors, a slim design that keeps everything upright and reusable containers that stack inside, you’ll say with a smile, “No thanks, I brought my lunch.”

Crop of The Midland Clock by Simon Wild

Society6 Artwork • $30+

The gift of art is one of the most lasting gifts you can give. It won’t accidentally shrink in the dryer or be forever lost when your bag spills on the streetcar. Quite the opposite. It hangs on the wall full of color and creativity as a reminder of you. Aww. We love you Society6 for bringing the artists to us. Prints ship in 1-3 days. (Shown is a crop of The Midland Clock by Simon Wild.)

I Swear To Good You Are God At This

I Swear To Good You Are God At This • $25

Our friend Dave Brown at Holiday Matinee has a new book, his first book, and we must have it. “The book’s goal is to give people the push they need to invest in themselves, do what they love and inspire as many awesome people as possible.” With a purpose like that and a title that can’t help but brighten your day, how could you not want to share that with someone else?

Cri de Coeur Jaime Boots

Cri de Coeur Jaime Boots • $250

It’s a super versatile, want-it-badly grey ankle boot, but did you think we’d stop there? Made by Cri de Coeur, French for to “cry from the heart,” founder Gina Ferraraccio is on a mission that goes beyond making beautiful shoes and includes “making a real impact on people’s mindsets as they shop, helping them to be more aware of how their purchases affect the planet.”

The Bubble Roome Custom Gift Set

The Bubble Roome Custom Gift Set • $10-130

Web designer turned soap maker, David E. Johnston, began his company after making soaps for Christmas gifts in 2003. The business is alive in Brooklyn today and operates with 4 principles that prioritize shelf-appeal, affordability, quality and eco-mindedness. The custom gift box is as good as it gets—you pick, they smile.

VOID V01EL in White Ceramic

VOID V01EL in White Ceramic • $179

Dear VOID, I did not think I could love a watch more than I do your black one. But now with your newest white you’ve taught me to love again. The same beautiful design now with a white face and band, we’ll be fighting over this one because it looks just as nice on him as it does on her. Shop Watchismo to get it in time.

Photojojo! The Book

Photojojo! The Book • $15-22

Photojojo’s book of insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas is a collection of fun things to do with photos for regular people. You don’t have to have a fancy camera. You don’t even have to have new photos, old ones are fun too. (Nice hair.) The book will inspire you to get crafty; authors Amit and Kelly will keep you entertained. (Also at Amazon.)

Brodmann Blades Ping-Pong Set

Brodmann Blades Ping-Pong Set • $100

Beginners and ping-pong masters alike will appreciate the agility and coordination this set of paddles will add to their table game. With a built-in spot for your thumb, the paddle is worn like a glove. With the ball in closer contact with your hand, you have more control. If you can high-five, you can ping-pong.

You Are The CSS to My HTML

You Are The CSS to My HTML • $25

From Ashley Dailey’s design shop out of Atlanta, Pop + Shorty, this is our favorite t-shirt of the year. Sure it’s geeky, but so are we. In layman’s terms it’s like saying you’re the fresh coat of paint on my brick building, the icing to my cupcake, the clothing to my nakedness…

Woolly Pocket Wally One

Woolly Pocket Wally One • $49

We still have Woolly Wally want. This unique solution for growing plants on the wall is the coolest way to bring greenery indoors. The pockets keep the roots aerated and under control. Gravity encourages the plants to resemble the lush walls down by your favorite stream.

Ultimate Embroidery Kit

Ultimate Embroidery Kit • $30

I’d be deceiving you if I let you think Sublime Stitching was anything at all like your grandma’s cross-stiching. Nope. Jenny Hart and her Austin team of merry needleworkers make completely uncommon patterns for modern stitchers. Does she like to unwind with busy hands? Get her one of these.

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75 gifts for picky people (31–45)

Happy gift giving!

We’ve pulled together a list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

Terracotta Slow Cooker

Terracotta Slow Cooker • $64

Dutch designer Margriet Foolen thought of everything when she created this award-winning cooker. The terracotta bowl is submerged in water to steam the food, the white glazed lid doubles as serving plate, and silicone rings on either side protect your table. Your whole meal goes into the cooker, into the oven, then into your mouth.

Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker

Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker • $65

Do you sing in the shower? Crank the music when you’re getting ready to go out? And how sad that you can’t boost the volume with wet hands when your favorite song comes on. Japan’s Zumreed has got your back. With your iPod in a waterproof capsule and buttons on the outside, keep singin’ and steamin’.

Two patterns of Antipast Tights

Antipast Tights • $45

Elizabeth Burbage started Twig two years ago with a love for beautiful objects and these tights by Antipast, Japanese textile designers Emiko and Junko, are no exception. With their whimsical pattern and lovely shades of grey, they’ll match boots of any color and spark a smile too.

Plank Faux Bois Woodgrain Ring

Plank Faux Bois Woodgrain Ring • $110

The life of a tree is measured by the rings in its trunk, so give this ring as a symbol of the adventures in your life. Or maybe you simply like the woodgrain contrast next to the satin finish of the silver. Made by a husband and wife for her Brooklyn shop Ball & Chain, we love this one-of-a-kind piece.

80s Mercedes RileyG Camera Strap

80s Mercedes RileyG Camera Strap • $78

Our camera strap of choice after lots of searching, this black and blue limited-edition strap made from scrap stock material for the interior of a 1980′s Mercedes provides the comfort, durability and style we’re looking for to lug around our camera.

Billie Candle Holder

Billie Candle Holder • $40

An architect for the last five years, Jean Pelle decided to open her own design studio in July of ’08. She makes unique furniture and accessories and these handcrafted wood candle holders were the first designs in her collection. Made to fit a standard taper candle, each comes in a cotton drawstring bag ready to gift.

Letterpress Coasters—set of 8

Letterpress Coasters—set of 8 • $12

Johanna Anderes makes paper goods for her shop 12fifteen. With graphics often inspired by nature and the unmatched tactile experience of letterpress, these might perform the flip trick like the beer coasters in the bar, but will look much better on your coffee table. A great hostess gift too.

Wide Insulated Klean Kanteen

Wide Insulated Klean Kanteen • $22–27

Kleen Kanteen’s slimly designed, BPA-free, stainless steel reusable bottles have become a category favorite over the last year and the recent introduction of their insulated bottle rounds out the line nicely. Keeping coffee hot and smoothies cold, it’s on our list to help us drink more water and throw away less.

Cinder Block Necklace

Cinder Block Necklace • $130

Much of the built world around us sits on some variation of the cinder block. A city symbol and otherwise reminiscent of your dorm room days, designer Kiel Mead cast the shape in brass, surrounded it with silver, and put it on a chain for a juxtaposition that’s equal parts rugged and delicate.

The Stand—set of 5

The Stand—set of 5 • $52

Victoria and Andy joined forces and began A Mischievous Marriage. The Stand, probably their most clever creation of yet, is such a favorite if Santa doesn’t bring one then Happy New Year to me. For your produce that does better on the shelf than in the fridge, these pedestals turn them into art.

Ceramic and Wood Coin Storage

Ceramic and Wood Coin Storage • $32

You’ll find them at every man’s first stop inside the house. Be it the dresser or the kitchen counter, a handful of change, a key ring and your wallet have to land somewhere. Thanks to this simple design, you can empty your pockets, store your keys and save your coins without making a mess.

Cork Dinner Mats—set of 2

Cork Dinner Mats—set of 2 • $33

Ferm Living began as a graphic design agency, but transformed quickly when founder Trine Andersen began redecorating her house. A line that started with unmistakably modern wallpaper, we’re happy she branched out to other products too. Speaking of branches, how about the beauty and practicality of these dinner mats?

We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine • $20

Since Aug. 2005 Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris have been harvesting human emotions from weblogs with a query of “I feel” and “I am feeling”. Now with a database of more than 12 million human feelings, they’ve published a colorful book that blends sociology, computer science and art with the words of authors from all over the world.

Prepara Herb Savor

Prepara Herb Savor • $30

We love fresh herbs and hate throwing them out when they go bad before we can use them all up. The Herb Savor keeps cut herbs fresh weeks longer by supporting the stems in water. We loved on it this summer and we’re doing so again—a must for this year’s wishlist.

CB I Hate Perfume, Winter 1972

CB I Hate Perfume, Winter 1972 • $65

Christopher Brosius is “a natural born Nose”. His talent is capturing the exact reality of a scent. With over 17 years experience, his current studio is in Williamsburg. Our pick is Winter 1972 a scent that captures, “A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth.” Mmm…

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75 gifts for picky people (16–30)

Happy gift giving!

We’ve pulled together a list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

TCHO-a-day 60 pack

TCHO-a-day 60 • $35

Our favorite obsessive chocolate company out of San Francisco, TCHO’s sixty-day barrel of bars is just thing to show a chocolate lover how mush you love them. An assortment of their four flavors, there’s one to suit your mood each day, even when you’re feeling a little Nutty.

Nooka ZEM Zot NT Watch in black on white background

Nooka ZEM Zot NT Watch • $375

Known for reinventing the way we tell time, Matthew Waldman’s Nooka wristwatches make an unquestionable fashion statement. With much of Nooka being bright and playful, we were stoked to see the new ZEM line with its gem-cut case and black stainless steel band.

Rules for My Unborn Son

Rules for My Unborn Son • $10

Determined to “get some things straight before I get old and uncool,” Walker Lamond began a collection of fatherly advice on his blog of the same title as this new book. Known for its wit and gentlemanly composure, these rules for becoming a good man have a thing or two to teach—boy or big fella.

Lemon Basil Rice Hull Garden with blossomed basil

Lemon Basil Rice Hull Garden • $15.50

Really, what’s better than fresh herbs at your finger-tips? With just a little space, a little water and some sunshine, these biodegradable pots grow a beautiful bouquet of your favorite herb. A great gift, the lid becomes the saucer and the seeds and soil are ready to go.


BookMarker • $5.99

Our books are filled with tabs and highlighted paragraphs but for the books we don’t want to mark up, we’ve faced a dilemma. From the makers of the BookSling (also a favorite), this very flat pen serves as a bookmark and flag dispenser with a strap that keeps it tightly in place.

PACT Underwear, boy shorts

PACT Underwear • $18–$25

With a motto of “Change starts with your underwear”, PACT’s mission is bigger than simply providing warmth for your tush. With styles for men and women, the underwear line is made with organic cotton and responsible labor and gives 10% of their sales to great causes.

Pantone Coffee Mugs stacked

Pantone Coffee Mug • $14.99/ea

We totally geek out over these. Resembling the Pantone color chips designers know all too well, these mugs pay tribute to time spent finding just the right color and the coffee that helped you through it. We prefer to choose our colors, so get them individually at Pop Deluxe.

Where Flavor Was Born book cover

Where Flavor Was Born • $40

Part travelogue, part cookbook this beautiful title by Andreas Viestad, “explores the culinary wonders along the legendary spice route, from Zanzibar to India to Bali and everywhere in between”. Learn the origins of spices used across the globe and enjoy gorgeous photography while you do.

Buddha Cat Wall Perch

Buddha Cat Wall Perch • $70–$100

Cats are nimble climbers and superstar nappers so a cat perch is a natural kitten accessory. With its second appearance on Wantist, we’re still celebrating Square Cat Habitat’s modern feline furniture and think it’s the perfect gift for the cats and cat people in your life.

Red Leaf Room Spray

Red Leaf Room Spray • $14

With scents inspired by things you might find in your kitchen, Red Leaf’s handmade bath and body products are a huge hit on Etsy. With a concentrated long-lasting formula and a minimal design that you won’t mind leaving on top of the tank, the room spray in Black Tea is one of their many products we’d like in our stocking.

Dosh 002 6card Wallet

Dosh 002 6card Wallet • $90

When slim, durable and hot come together in a wallet, our heads turn. The Australian company, Dosh caused such a reaction when we stumbled across their beautifully designed wallets in eleven great colorways. There’s a center clip for cash and the polymer material is flexible and washable.

Rainy Bearded City Tee

Rainy Bearded City Tee • $22

From our talented, indie art collective neighbors at Tender Loving Empire is this t-shirt that is decidedly northwest. In a golden mustard yellow, we’ll gladly pay tribute to the beards, the rain and the trees in one of these.

Queen Bee Small Edith Peony Tote

Queen Bee Small Edith Peony Tote • $84

Rebecca Pearcy has grown her handmade bag and accessory line into a force to be reckoned with. Queen Bee, now a team of eleven, recently announced their switch to an entirely PVC-free faux leather material and introduced these adorable Edith totes made of wool felted from textile scraps.

Neoprene Camera Pocket

Neoprene Camera Pocket • $13

We’ve been needing a small case for our point-and-shoot and didn’t want to overdo it with frills or bulk, so we found our pick with this one. A simple, protective case that allows us to confidently drop our camera into the bag is just what we’ve been looking for. It’s a nice price from our favorite travel store, Flight001.

We Are So Good Together

We Are So Good Together • $36

Five words we know are true, but we’d sure love an artistic reminder every now and then. This open edition poster by I Am Still Alive in Brooklyn is a letterpress design printed on archival recycled paper. They sell out quickly and we’re happy to find them at the cutest of the cute, ReForm School in LA.

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75 gifts for picky people (1–15)

Happy gift giving!

We’ve pulled together a list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

The spines of the colorful set of Penguin Hardcover Classics

Penguin Hardcover Classics • $130

Time to rediscover the classics. Coralie Bickford-Smith has breathed a new life into these timeless tales. Bound in linen and stamped with colorful foil patterns—they’re books you’ve always wanted in your library and now there’s no excuse. A set of 8 from Austen to Wilde.

Large Ampersand Cutting Board on white background

Large Ampersand Cutting Board • $110

From one of the world’s most prolific type foundries is the world’s most glyphtastic cutting board. Derived from House Industries Letters & Ligatures show last year, these 18 square inches of solid maple await your slicing & dicing & serving & chopping.

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Game<br />

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Game • $46

Nina has been making party games for dogs for ten years. Made in Sweden of remnant sawdust mixed with recycled plastic, the Tornado challenges your pooch to rotate 4 wooden discs to get to treats hidden in each level—not sure who will enjoy it more, us or the dog. Sold out of TX at Olive.

Flip & Tumble ECObag Kit with box, three 24-7 bags and five produce bags

Flip & Tumble ECObag Kits • $34

We’ve raved about Flip & Tumble before and we’re so glad they’ve made it easy to gift their handy reusable bags with one of these new kits. A nice deal, the kit includes three 24-7 bags, one with a fun print, and five produce bags.

Grey Static Peak Lapel Blazer by Oak

Grey Static Peak Lapel Blazer by Oak • $289

From Oak’s house line, this one button, double-breasted, grey tweed wool blazer is every bit as classic and unpretentious as their Williamsburg store and right on-trend like the rest of the their curated collection.

Studiopatro Stripe Tea Towel Set of 2 in grey and gold

Studiopatro Stripe Tea Towel Set • $42

Better than a paper towel and the first thing you reach for in the kitchen, unique tea towels are gaining popularity as sustainability becomes more top of mind. Designer Christina Weber and a collaboration of local screeners and friends launched their line this fall. This T for tea towel set is a favorite.

Thief&Bandit Braided Handpainted Necklace

Thief&Bandit Braided Necklace • $56

For the girl who loves a simple top with a great piece of jewelry, this textured necklace handmade by Amie Cunningham is sure to make her light up. It’s made of soft suede and leather braided with handprinted fabric in her Richmond, VA studio.

Malin+Goetz Rum Tonic 1 ounce spray in yellow packaging

Malin+Goetz Rum Tonic • $48

A perfume for Men and Women, it made the list because she loves it. If you tend to avoid fruity and are picky when it comes to floral—if cedar and pine are better left in the woods, then you’ll love this. It’s warm, a little sweet and very fresh. And bonus, it’s all natural, from a family business out of NYC and made in the US.

Prairie Underground grey knee-length Town Coat

Prairie Underground Town Coat • $310

This organic cotton coat falls just below the knee, has big comfy pockets, and two rows of buttons that fasten all the way up for a warm and stylish cowl neckline. Davora and Camilla’s designs are made in Seattle and sold at one of our favorite stores, Beklina, a three gal family shop in Northern California.

PB Swiss Color Hex & Ball Wrench Set

PB Swiss Color Hex & Ball Wrench Set • $57

Don’t you know your next 60-piece Ikea project would be so much more fun with this rainbow set of allen wrenches? Manufactured by a 130-year old Swiss company that prides itself on history, quality and sustainable practices, they’re as well-made as they are colorful.

Plaid Julian Scarf

Julian Scarf • $30

Kristen and crew at Wintercheck Factory introduced their awesome scarf to the world this October. A clever idea that combines keeping warm and stashing your stuff, this flannel scarf has zipper pockets so you can lose your coat but keep important items close.

Magno Wooden Desk Set with tape dispenser, stapler, letter opener and letter holder

Magno Wooden Desk Set • $75

Their beauty alone inspires us to declutter and sit down to write a letter. Their story makes us want to give one to everyone we know. Designed by Singgih Kartono as a means to better his home village in Indonesia, he taught skills for this desk set to be hand-crafted there and does so sustainably to boot.

Rolls of Japanese Washi Paper Tape

Japanese Washi Paper Tape • $22

These were covet-at-first-sight and we’re not even scrapbookers. Made of the same paper used for traditional origami, they’re thicker than your average masking tape and so much more beautiful. They inspire all sorts of creative ideas and will be loved by crafty people of all levels.

Handcrafted Cherry and Ash Belt Buckle

Cherry and Ash Belt Buckle • $60

From their studio in western Pennsylvania, Julie and Mitch handcraft these belt buckles from salvaged wood and stainless steel. A modern yet timeless design, they’re made to be lasting and handed down to the next generation.

Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo

Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo • $30

Cake and ice cream, soup and sandwich—the two were made to go together. Sold in a set of two bowls and two trays, this clever combo serves up lunch with a one-handed trip to the table. Available at Uncommon Goods, we’re happy to see them taking big steps toward better.

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