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75 gifts for picky people (61-75)

Happy gift giving!

We wrap up the list with fifteen more gifts for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

Plywerk Gift Certificate

Plywerk Gift Certificate

Plywerk is a great little company up in here in the northwest started with an a-ha moment in 2006 by Kim Nguyen and Kjell van Zoen in their basement. They print and mount your photos onto beautiful bamboo. A beautiful, frameless way to display them and great gift for arty or sentimental people.

Toddland Union Suit

Toddland Union Suit • $38

That’s right, it’s a grown-up onesie, brought to you appropriately by Toddland—the brainchild of Todd Masters, midwesterner turned OC resident who packs a whole lotta fun into his on-trend line.Toddland believes that, “if you are going to take the time to make something, make it as rad as possible.”

Stewart+Brown Fingerless Warmers

Stewart+Brown Fingerless Warmers • $48

Made of 100% yak down, these are absolute favorites and every girl needs a pair. Hurry though, they’re on sale—take an additional 25% off with code SALESALE. One of the earlier pioneers in sustainable fashion, Karen Stewart and Howard Brown make some pretty irresistible stuff for the ladies.


VeggieChop • $29.95

Chopping can be a real pain and add a ton of time to your meal prep, so when we found the VeggieChop we had to have it. With a pull of the handle it does everything from onions, strawberries, even nuts. For homemade pico and soups, we know this will come in handy. Available at Amazon too.

Molly M Layers Earrings

Molly M Layers Earrings • $46-56

Molly McGrath, trained as an architect, got the crazy idea to use the same laser cutting technique she’d been using to make models, to craft her line of jewelry. The results are stunning. Her recent layers collection is made of veneer scraps from a local cabinet shop and a little bit of suede.

TOMS Amigo Fleece Lined Slippers

TOMS Amigo Fleece Lined Slippers • $54

You know TOMS—the awesome shoe company started a couple years ago by Blake Mycoskie with a simple canvas slip-on and gives away a pair of shoes to kids in need for every pair sold. This is their cozy plaid slipper, and a certain someone is hoping Santa leaves these under the tree just for him.

Load-Ding Mobile Device & Organize Station

Load-Ding Mobile Device & Organize Station • $14.95

Especially well suited for the gadget-fancying traveler, this simple and very clever creation lies flat like a piece of paper in you bag, and then curves to create a cozy charging station for your phone or iPod. Felt on the inside creates a soft shelf, and vinyl on the outside keeps its shape.

Fig and Thyme Hand Wash and Lotion

Fig and Thyme Hand Wash and Lotion • $9.50 each

At the kitchen sink or in the bathroom, a nicely scented soap and lotion can mean the difference between a moment of necessity and a moment of indulgence. Daub&Bauble combines warm natural fragrances and beautiful packaging for a price we really like.

Soji Modern Solar Lanterns

Soji Modern Solar Lanterns • $39

These generously-sized lanterns capture the sun by day and illuminate your patio by night. They have no cords to get in the way, are lit with warm amber colored LEDs and turn on at dusk all by themselves. From Allsop, a family run company in Idaho, we can think of so many people we’d like to give these to.

Carga 02 Messenger Bag

Carga 02 Messenger Bag • $245

Mauro Bianucci assembled a bag for himself using construction principles and some left-over felt. He wore it to a meeting and two days later had an order for two more, thus Carga was born. Aimed at men, the bags are hand-crafted responsibly in Buenos Aires from industrial felt, distressed leather and hardware parts. The studio’s in Brooklyn.

Leaf Umbrella

Leaf Umbrella • $30

Anouk Jansen and her partner Harm Magis started their design company in Amsterdam three years ago. All of their products are original, modern and little quirky—qualities not missed on this umbrella. Shaped like a leaf, with colored piping and a twig-shaped handle, it’s a whimsical reminder that those wet dreary days lead to lush green summers.

AshiDashi Prismos Socks

AshiDashi Prismos Socks • $11.99

A pair of colorful, whimsical socks are a great reminder to take yourself less seriously. When they peek from the cuff of your best suit you’re instantly equal parts gentleman and goofball, a.k.a. the perfect guy. AshiDashi’s a little sock company out of Brooklyn. All their designs are limited editions and made in the US.

Lunch Skins Sandwich Bag

Lunch Skins Sandwich Bag • $8.95

Another smart little product that’s a quick step, but a big step for living lighter on the planet are these reusable food safe pouches for your lunch. They’re even dishwashable and made in the US by 3greenmoms, a company started last year by Kirsten, Cris and Jennie, mothers in total of nine.

Cheap Monday Audrey Coat

Cheap Monday Audrey Coat • $162

From their start in 2005, the Swedish company Cheap Monday sought to produce a fashionable clothing line at extremely good prices that held up in stores alongside expensive brands, while maintaining their core values. Now sold internationally at some favorite stores, we get to love on pieces like this lovely Audrey coat.

The Better Life Starter Kit

The Better Life Starter Kit • $35.55

Founders Tim and Kevin are childhood friends turned business partners. They grew up, had kids of their own (hours apart at that), and started a line of cleaning products that are safe, powerful and biodegradable. The scents are light, the packaging is fun and the starter kit is a great introduction to this family brand out of St. Louis.

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