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DIY Rolling Pin Wrapping Paper

DIY Printmaking with Rolling Pins by EcoSalon

DIY Printmaking with Rolling Pins by EcoSalon

It may not be a project you often think to do—to print your own gift wrap at home. However, just as wrapping a present is symbolic of your extra effort, that personal touch, getting a little messy MUST mean you really really care.

Or… that you’re simply a big dork when it comes to getting crafty with gift wrap. Join the club. Either way this printed rolling pin wrapping paper is a clever idea and also a fun project to do with the kids.
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DIY Rolling Pin Printed Wrapped Gifts by EcoSalonDIY Printmaking with Rolling Pins by EcoSalonattach-triangel-bands

An Ombre Happy Birthday, A Houndstooth Hello

Social Proper Houndstooth

I don’t have to tell you, you’re one of them; one of those wonderful people who takes the time to send a handwritten note now and again. So I don’t have to tell you either about how people like you are always looking for that essential set of cards you can keep in your stash that’s so nice, and just right, and practically compels you to pick up a pen when left out on the desk in front of you.

But I should definitely tell you, these are them. An ombre happy birthday, a houndstooth hello—they’re lovely, simple, sophisticated, perfect.

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