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Play Ball! All Star Gifts for Baseball Fans

Chicago's Wrigley Field, Canvas Photo Print by Nader Farzan

Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Canvas Photo Print by Nader Farzan

Baseball—you hit the ball wherever the other team isn’t, then run as fast as you can in a counterclockwise direction until you’re back where you started. That’s it, right? Oh no, there’s so much more—the peanuts, the hot dogs, the home runs, the wave! Serious fans will tell you, it’s the match-ups and the statistics that make the game. The rivalries and the history too.

The biggest match-up of the year begins this week. It’s World Series time! Even if your team wasn’t a playoff contender this year, it’s hard not to get into the excitement of the season’s final series and an American tradition 108 years old.

So Rangers and Cardinals fans, may the best team win! And for baseball fans from coast to coast, here’s 20 amazing gifts sure to knock it out of park.

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Mash Creative 2011 Minutes Calendar Poster

Mash Creative 2011 Calendar Poster

A visual calendar to keep the year in perspective; it even glows in the dark. From Mash Creative, a design studio in London, this 2011 calendar is a typographic representation of the year printed in a limited-edition of 100 in white and glow-in-the-dark ink on raven black paper.

The title is printed in broken and shifted text as influenced by old analogue flip clocks and each month is shown as a list of days with an auxiliary display of the month in minutes.

See Twenty Eleven and its five hundred and twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes for the opportunity they hold and resolve to not let them fly by.

Price is an approximate conversion from Euro to US Dollar and includes shipping.

$43 at Counter-ObjectsRead more about it

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Mash Creative 2011 Calendar Poster