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Gifts From Kids: Homemade Mini Art Magnets

Mini Art Magnets by Momtastic

Mini Art Magnets, photo by Liz Stanley

I remember making holiday gifts for my grandparents a lot as a kid, mostly giant “works of art” that consumed about 80 percent of their refrigerator door space. I’m sure my creations were cherished (at least my little heart hoped so–I was giving away my masterpieces!) even if their epic size went unappreciated. That’s why these mini art/canvas magnets from Momtastic are so, well, fantastic! You can encourage your budding Picasso and get them on the “Meaningful Gift-Giving Wagon” early, while still respecting Grandma’s  precious refrigerator real estate. And like I said, they’re magnetized, which means they’re totally practical. Right?

Head over to Momtastic for a supply list and tutorial–you may even find yourself joining in on the fun!

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