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Celebrating Every Occasion with Erin Loechner

Running Late Card by Dear Hancock

Running Late Card, Dear Hancock

Fondly known as “the human sparkler” to some, (and at one time Sunny, to others), Design For Mankind author Erin Loechner is everything those monikers suggest and more. A burst of joy and inspiration in her many corners of the Internet, it’s a pleasure to have Erin on Wantist today with her favorite cards for every occasion. Without further ado, here’s Erin!

I’m perpetually late sending birthday gifts and/or cards, so this belated card (up top) is right up my alley. Who can resist a sprinting cardboard box?

A Note by Rifle Paper Co.

A Note, Rifle Paper Co.

I love anything Anna Bond creates and keep a full stock of Rifle Paper goods at all times. This “note” card is perfect for all occasion greetings or a simple “hello” to a long lost friend.

Monarch Note Set in Kilim Weave by Susy Jack

Monarch Note Set in Kilim Weave, Susy Jack

Holy moly. This pattern is almost too pretty to send, but I think I can part with a few. I always keep a few patterned note cards on hand for last minute gift enclosures and surprise notes to neighbors.

Simple Notes by Satsuma Press

Simple Notes, Satsuma Press

A sweet letterpress assortment for every event you can think of. So fancy!

Get Well Soon ($5), Hammerpress

Get Well Soon, Hammerpress

This throwback to retro design is a nice sentiment for a get well card. Who doesn’t want to think of the glory days when sick in bed?

Buffalo Note Card by Banquet

Buffalo Note Card, Banquet

I’d send this quirky little buffalo with an inside message that says “you’re beefy.” Because I’m weird, an it would totally make me laugh.

The Greatest by Yellow Owl Workshop

“The Greatest”, Yellow Owl Workshop

Another favorite of mine, I always love Yellow Owl Workshop designs. Also, trophies are so underrated.

Sweet Kicks by Erin Wallace Gilah Press

Sweet Kicks by Erin Wallace, Gilah Press

Oh, man. Shoes and stationery are a girl’s best friend, right?

Paintbrush Blank GoldTeethBrooklyn

Paintbruch Blank, GoldTeethBrooklyn

I’d send this as a housewarming note with a free offer to help throw a painting party

Rainbow Confetti Card by Printerette Press

Rainbow Confetti Card, Printerette Press

Confetti! Need I say more?

Erin Loechner

Juggling an active Internet career with writing, speaking and consulting, Erin can be found daily at DesignForMankind.com, her art/design blog that was recently honored as one of the London Time’s top 50 design blogs in the world. She currently hosts a renovation column on HGTV.com where she catalogs her experiences as an impromptu interior designer. Erin’s work has been featured in Glamour, Lucky, Dwell, Readymade, Nylon, Print Magazine, Apartment Therapy, The Huffington Post, and she regularly contributes to Readymade Magazine.

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  1. Thanks for including our buffalo card. I think writing “you’re beefy” is totally appropriate!