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The Sake Bomb: Part Sake Set, Part Blowfish

Red Ske Bomb

Your friends just arrived. You’ve invited them over for sushi and sake. “I’ll be right back,” you say with a twinkle in your eye. You return with the brightly colored Sake Bomb in your hands and its four cups perched neatly on top. One friend looks nervous; another, excited. You set the bomb in front of them and begin to pour drinks. Congratulations, you are now a master sake server.

A design inspired by the most luxurious sashimi cut and a WWII sea mine, this compact ceramic bomb keeps hot sake hot, cold sake cold, and your guests asking for more. It’s available in six colors—red’s the newest!

We’ve got your back. It’s holiday crunch time, so we won’t post anything you can’t get on time. Orders placed by Dec. 20th should arrive before Christmas. Here’s Sake Bomb’s Shipping Info.

$98 at Sake Bomb StoreSee more retailers

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