Wantist: Give Amazing Gifts

75 gifts for picky people (46–60)

Happy gift giving!

More gifts! Here’s the fourth part of our list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

Field Notes Colors Subscription

Field Notes Colors Subscription • $129

If your day job or your side project requires any creativity what-so-ever, you’ll need to keep a notebook handy. For the doodlers and idea people on your list you really can’t go wrong sending them two Field Notes three-packs in very-limited-edition colors every quarter, to suit the season. Give & Take to save fifty bucks.

Shoe Butter Dish

Shoe Butter Dish • $58

We’re perfectly aware this is a little ridiculous. It’s supposed to be. However, in its white porcelain finish it’s fairly subtle—until your guest asks you to please pass the wingtip, err butter. From Jonathan Adler, we continue to love him, his manifesto and whimsical style even if he now has his own Barbie doll.


Buckyballs • $30

Oh Jake and your Buckyballs. You’ve gone and made the new toy that everyone wants, ourselves included. Yes, a little box of magnetized BB-sized balls is where it’s at. We were skeptical until we saw the video—now we’re dying to get our hands on them…and a little nervous that we’ll never put them down.

Tabac Body Creme

Tabac Body Creme • $12

There’s a few spots every guy should look after with a little bit of creme—elbows, knees and knuckles, to name a few. Cold weather and hot showers—his skin needs moisture too and Lisa Broder has the cure. Her Portland General Store products combine natural ingredients, wonderful masculine scents and great packaging for a gift he’ll love.

OOTS! Lunchbox

OOTS! Lunchbox • $35-46

Everyone knows bringing your own lunch is a great way to save money, eat healthier and feel like a dweeb. Now you can lose the latter descriptor with this hot box. In great colors, a slim design that keeps everything upright and reusable containers that stack inside, you’ll say with a smile, “No thanks, I brought my lunch.”

Crop of The Midland Clock by Simon Wild

Society6 Artwork • $30+

The gift of art is one of the most lasting gifts you can give. It won’t accidentally shrink in the dryer or be forever lost when your bag spills on the streetcar. Quite the opposite. It hangs on the wall full of color and creativity as a reminder of you. Aww. We love you Society6 for bringing the artists to us. Prints ship in 1-3 days. (Shown is a crop of The Midland Clock by Simon Wild.)

I Swear To Good You Are God At This

I Swear To Good You Are God At This • $25

Our friend Dave Brown at Holiday Matinee has a new book, his first book, and we must have it. “The book’s goal is to give people the push they need to invest in themselves, do what they love and inspire as many awesome people as possible.” With a purpose like that and a title that can’t help but brighten your day, how could you not want to share that with someone else?

Cri de Coeur Jaime Boots

Cri de Coeur Jaime Boots • $250

It’s a super versatile, want-it-badly grey ankle boot, but did you think we’d stop there? Made by Cri de Coeur, French for to “cry from the heart,” founder Gina Ferraraccio is on a mission that goes beyond making beautiful shoes and includes “making a real impact on people’s mindsets as they shop, helping them to be more aware of how their purchases affect the planet.”

The Bubble Roome Custom Gift Set

The Bubble Roome Custom Gift Set • $10-130

Web designer turned soap maker, David E. Johnston, began his company after making soaps for Christmas gifts in 2003. The business is alive in Brooklyn today and operates with 4 principles that prioritize shelf-appeal, affordability, quality and eco-mindedness. The custom gift box is as good as it gets—you pick, they smile.

VOID V01EL in White Ceramic

VOID V01EL in White Ceramic • $179

Dear VOID, I did not think I could love a watch more than I do your black one. But now with your newest white you’ve taught me to love again. The same beautiful design now with a white face and band, we’ll be fighting over this one because it looks just as nice on him as it does on her. Shop Watchismo to get it in time.

Photojojo! The Book

Photojojo! The Book • $15-22

Photojojo’s book of insanely great photo projects and DIY ideas is a collection of fun things to do with photos for regular people. You don’t have to have a fancy camera. You don’t even have to have new photos, old ones are fun too. (Nice hair.) The book will inspire you to get crafty; authors Amit and Kelly will keep you entertained. (Also at Amazon.)

Brodmann Blades Ping-Pong Set

Brodmann Blades Ping-Pong Set • $100

Beginners and ping-pong masters alike will appreciate the agility and coordination this set of paddles will add to their table game. With a built-in spot for your thumb, the paddle is worn like a glove. With the ball in closer contact with your hand, you have more control. If you can high-five, you can ping-pong.

You Are The CSS to My HTML

You Are The CSS to My HTML • $25

From Ashley Dailey’s design shop out of Atlanta, Pop + Shorty, this is our favorite t-shirt of the year. Sure it’s geeky, but so are we. In layman’s terms it’s like saying you’re the fresh coat of paint on my brick building, the icing to my cupcake, the clothing to my nakedness…

Woolly Pocket Wally One

Woolly Pocket Wally One • $49

We still have Woolly Wally want. This unique solution for growing plants on the wall is the coolest way to bring greenery indoors. The pockets keep the roots aerated and under control. Gravity encourages the plants to resemble the lush walls down by your favorite stream.

Ultimate Embroidery Kit

Ultimate Embroidery Kit • $30

I’d be deceiving you if I let you think Sublime Stitching was anything at all like your grandma’s cross-stiching. Nope. Jenny Hart and her Austin team of merry needleworkers make completely uncommon patterns for modern stitchers. Does she like to unwind with busy hands? Get her one of these.

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