Wantist: Give Amazing Gifts

75 gifts for picky people (31–45)

Happy gift giving!

We’ve pulled together a list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

Terracotta Slow Cooker

Terracotta Slow Cooker • $64

Dutch designer Margriet Foolen thought of everything when she created this award-winning cooker. The terracotta bowl is submerged in water to steam the food, the white glazed lid doubles as serving plate, and silicone rings on either side protect your table. Your whole meal goes into the cooker, into the oven, then into your mouth.

Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker

Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speaker • $65

Do you sing in the shower? Crank the music when you’re getting ready to go out? And how sad that you can’t boost the volume with wet hands when your favorite song comes on. Japan’s Zumreed has got your back. With your iPod in a waterproof capsule and buttons on the outside, keep singin’ and steamin’.

Two patterns of Antipast Tights

Antipast Tights • $45

Elizabeth Burbage started Twig two years ago with a love for beautiful objects and these tights by Antipast, Japanese textile designers Emiko and Junko, are no exception. With their whimsical pattern and lovely shades of grey, they’ll match boots of any color and spark a smile too.

Plank Faux Bois Woodgrain Ring

Plank Faux Bois Woodgrain Ring • $110

The life of a tree is measured by the rings in its trunk, so give this ring as a symbol of the adventures in your life. Or maybe you simply like the woodgrain contrast next to the satin finish of the silver. Made by a husband and wife for her Brooklyn shop Ball & Chain, we love this one-of-a-kind piece.

80s Mercedes RileyG Camera Strap

80s Mercedes RileyG Camera Strap • $78

Our camera strap of choice after lots of searching, this black and blue limited-edition strap made from scrap stock material for the interior of a 1980′s Mercedes provides the comfort, durability and style we’re looking for to lug around our camera.

Billie Candle Holder

Billie Candle Holder • $40

An architect for the last five years, Jean Pelle decided to open her own design studio in July of ’08. She makes unique furniture and accessories and these handcrafted wood candle holders were the first designs in her collection. Made to fit a standard taper candle, each comes in a cotton drawstring bag ready to gift.

Letterpress Coasters—set of 8

Letterpress Coasters—set of 8 • $12

Johanna Anderes makes paper goods for her shop 12fifteen. With graphics often inspired by nature and the unmatched tactile experience of letterpress, these might perform the flip trick like the beer coasters in the bar, but will look much better on your coffee table. A great hostess gift too.

Wide Insulated Klean Kanteen

Wide Insulated Klean Kanteen • $22–27

Kleen Kanteen’s slimly designed, BPA-free, stainless steel reusable bottles have become a category favorite over the last year and the recent introduction of their insulated bottle rounds out the line nicely. Keeping coffee hot and smoothies cold, it’s on our list to help us drink more water and throw away less.

Cinder Block Necklace

Cinder Block Necklace • $130

Much of the built world around us sits on some variation of the cinder block. A city symbol and otherwise reminiscent of your dorm room days, designer Kiel Mead cast the shape in brass, surrounded it with silver, and put it on a chain for a juxtaposition that’s equal parts rugged and delicate.

The Stand—set of 5

The Stand—set of 5 • $52

Victoria and Andy joined forces and began A Mischievous Marriage. The Stand, probably their most clever creation of yet, is such a favorite if Santa doesn’t bring one then Happy New Year to me. For your produce that does better on the shelf than in the fridge, these pedestals turn them into art.

Ceramic and Wood Coin Storage

Ceramic and Wood Coin Storage • $32

You’ll find them at every man’s first stop inside the house. Be it the dresser or the kitchen counter, a handful of change, a key ring and your wallet have to land somewhere. Thanks to this simple design, you can empty your pockets, store your keys and save your coins without making a mess.

Cork Dinner Mats—set of 2

Cork Dinner Mats—set of 2 • $33

Ferm Living began as a graphic design agency, but transformed quickly when founder Trine Andersen began redecorating her house. A line that started with unmistakably modern wallpaper, we’re happy she branched out to other products too. Speaking of branches, how about the beauty and practicality of these dinner mats?

We Feel Fine

We Feel Fine • $20

Since Aug. 2005 Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris have been harvesting human emotions from weblogs with a query of “I feel” and “I am feeling”. Now with a database of more than 12 million human feelings, they’ve published a colorful book that blends sociology, computer science and art with the words of authors from all over the world.

Prepara Herb Savor

Prepara Herb Savor • $30

We love fresh herbs and hate throwing them out when they go bad before we can use them all up. The Herb Savor keeps cut herbs fresh weeks longer by supporting the stems in water. We loved on it this summer and we’re doing so again—a must for this year’s wishlist.

CB I Hate Perfume, Winter 1972

CB I Hate Perfume, Winter 1972 • $65

Christopher Brosius is “a natural born Nose”. His talent is capturing the exact reality of a scent. With over 17 years experience, his current studio is in Williamsburg. Our pick is Winter 1972 a scent that captures, “A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth.” Mmm…

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