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About a strap: style, a son and a story


RileyG Strapworks hand-crafted camera straps

Just right, and then some

We’ve been looking for a camera strap for our SLR with two things in mind, comfort and style. As much as we love our D60, Nikon’s bright yellow broadcast across our shoulder simply won’t do. Our search uncovered all kinds of options at the ends of the spectrum, boring and functional, and cute and girlie, until we found RileyG, our Goldilocks camera strap.

Pro-photographer Aaron Wilcox saw the same hole in the marketplace. On a trip to the music store Aaron’s young son Riley wandered over to the guitar straps, drawn to them for their colorful and crazy designs. Right away Aaron questioned, why aren’t there exciting options like these for camera people?

Straps from scraps

Made from a variety of truly limited edition materials, Aaron and Riley source the leathers and fabrics for the straps at their neighborhood auto shop, local fabric store and other interesting origins where scraps are produced. Perhaps you prefer a Victorian tapestry floral, or maybe the supple leathers of Mercedes and Mustangs from the golden age of automobiles is more your style.

In stories

We’re suckers for a good family+business story and we quickly found ourselves clicking page after page through Aaron’s tales of his business from initial inspiration, renting his first sewing machine, sourcing fabrics, and determinedly fighting to keep his production 100% American in the face of rapid growth. Even more heartening, is Aaron’s young muse, son Riley, who cruises with him around Encinitas as Aaron visits suppliers and vendors.

You’re trustworthy

Rounding out this already lovable brand is a friendly return policy. Anytime someone gets it so right we have to share:

Our return policy is pretty simple; any strap: any time, any reason. At RileyG, we assume our customers are intelligent and trustworthy. If we extend our trust to you, we know that you will in return treat us fairly. We assume, if you want to return the strap, you have a good reason, and we’ll leave it to you. We aim to have the best customer experience possible, and that includes ensuring you are perfectly happy with your RileyG camera strap.

Dress your camera in a RileyG and rock the style that you love the most. Straps are $44-$78.

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