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You can get a t-shirt anywhere, but a mystery shirt?

Hipstery T-Shirts

Savor the suspense with a tee from Hipstery

Love for Hipstery is love for novel experiences and we say, bravo! They’re selling t-shirts of their choosing to mystery-starved chaps like us, and we and our brethren are digging it.

Their assumption? That we could all use a little more uncertainty in our lives. That our technological surroundings have afforded us instant answers and very few unknowns—great for fact-checking, but short on surprise.

“We’ve forgotten how to enjoy the unknown, and we’re not better for it,” they say, and this instant-gratification fiend can attest to such truths.

Anticipation is good isn’t it? The waiting, the wondering, the yearning, the burning!—there’s whole damn songs about anticipation. I think they’re on to something.

“Give up control to the hands of fate and once again enjoy the suspense,” they also say, and here’s how they provide such fun while selling you a t-shirt:

You specify size, ladies or gents, and then proceed to checkout. There you play along by taking their quiz. (It will entertain you, trust me.) With your answers the guys at Hipstery, in their expert t-shirty wisdom, pick from rare and limited-run designs sold at your favorite online tee shops and choose one specifically for you.

And the wonderment sets in. You don’t know what’s in that box and that’s the best $25 you’ve spent all week. I dare you to wait even longer once it shows up, just to prolong the excitement.

Let it go—let Hipstery decide, and enjoy their tongue-in-chic website while you’re there. €17 is $25 a shirt (PayPal handles the conversion for you). Shipping’s a flat fee, so load up.

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