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Listen, this watch has something to say

Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches tell more than time

I see a lot of watches. In the world of men’s accessories wrist-bound timepieces rank right up there next to shoes for their collectibility and instant stamp of self-expression. But let’s be honest, with your phone in your pocket, a clock in your car and one on your laptop, the purpose pendulum for watches has swayed from function on over to accoutrement. It’s jewelry, mostly.

So onward past time and on to more important things like decision making, sentimental expressions, carpe diem missives and artful commentary on the everyday.

For the last couple years Crispin Jones has been releasing his limited-edition watches in runs of 100, adding one or two designs from each series into his permanent collection every year. At the root of the design project that began in 2004 is an investigation into the cultural messages that the watches express—essentially, instead of just telling time, what else is your watch telling you?

Pictured above are Always on my Mind, one of Mr. Jones’ latest designs and his most sentimental so far. The red and white watch is the original Decider design and displays YES or NO on the face to aid not necessarily the right decision, but to avoid indecision nonetheless.

The watches are made with a stainless steel case and leather straps, packaged with artwork individually commissioned for each piece, and limited editions are numbered on the back.

In addition to the two above check out The Future, Cyclops, and The Average Day watches.

What do you want your watch to tell you? Mr Jones Watches are $135-$185 and ship worldwide from London.

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