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Granola goes custom at MixMyGranola

Us picky, them adaptable

Made-to-order, design-your-own options are popping up all over the place reigniting established brands with a fresh opportunity, and jump-starting a wide assortment of new ones smart enough to hatch a killer idea.

While a handful are decidedly gimmicky, many new companies on the customization bandwagon are opening up a whole new world of truly personalized goods and customer-focused services. From where we sit that means we win (bonus that the new company wins too).

Some like it chewy

One such clever customizer is MixMyGranola who lets you pick and choose from over fifty all-natural ingredients (nuts, fruits, gummies and more) to create your own granola, and then they ship it to you in a nifty tube for gifting, breakfasting, road-tripping—you choose.

Details make the Mix

Where this simple idea goes from good to great is through execution of the details. The most significant of those is the site’s ease of use. Bright colorful photos, three simple steps and your custom mix is on its way.

Our favorite feature is the nutrition calculator that updates on the fly as you add ingredients. Know the calories, carbs, sodium, protein, etc. of your concoction as you make it—a mathematical feat the bulk bins can’t do.

When you create your mix, a Mix-ID is automatically assigned to it, and then comes printed on your tube when you receive it. The ID can then be used to reorder your mix when you (or a friend) come back for more.

Mixes begin at $4.99 and go up as you add ingredients. Your 16oz tube ships for a flat fee of $4.99, or conspire with your peeps to reach $40 for free shipping.

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