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Lovely day for a Shopnic

The collapsable basket that schwaps open

Get outside!

The weather has gotten all summery. The parks and breezes are stealing our attention—the temptresses that they are, beckoning from out the window.

I resolve to picnic. And I wish I had one of these. It’s a Shopnic basket (shopping+picnic, for the obvious-impaired).

Handy and mighty

Not only is it collapsable, machine washable and springs open like a magician’s hat (watch this video on flickr to see for yourself), it’s also super strong. We’re talking seventy granny smiths from the farmer’s market strong.

The frame is made from ABS plastic, a recyclable and durable plastic (think Legos), and wrapped in a mesh nylon cover. Basically it’s made to last a very long time, which for the price is what we’d expect.


The thing just screams spontaneity. Stash one of these in the back of the car, and one day when she least expects it, swing by the market and then head to the park. The resulting smile and moment of speechlessness will be well worth it.

Who couldn’t use a slow afternoon on a blanket in the grass with nothing to worry about but the ants?

Shopnic is $99 and comes in three colors at Lekkerhome.com, a home furnishings store out of Boston with a great collection and fresh little brand.

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