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Fewer steps, better photography

baLens White Balance Lens Cap gives your photos a boost of color fidelity

Scuffed and battered

Before this discovery, the best way to white balance was a gray card. I had to dig it out of my bag, set it up in the environment…basically I had to do too much.

With this piece of kit, I only set my camera to custom white balance, snap a picture with the lens cap on and presto-chango I’ve got a perfect custom white balance profile for the environment in front of me. Taking better pictures quicker and with less effort—let’s celebrate by taking more pictures.

Consistently better

The baLens white balance lens cap not only improves the color accuracy of each of my photos, I’m saved from having to individually color correct afterwards because all of my photos are consistent with one another.

People have warmth

Is portraiture your game? You’ll be happy to hear that the WBLC comes with both a neutral and warm color dome. We don’t want your loved ones and strangers stalked looking sickly.

Support awesome

One of the best things about buying photography stuff is dealing with Photojojo. They’re an incredible bunch of photo geeks who also know a thing or three about running a smooth business and making happy customers. They might even send you candy.

The baLens White Balance Lens Cap is well constructed, with a smooth, not sticky, action on the pincher clip and a satin finish. Interchanging the color domes is intuitive and concise instructions are included. Works with all brands of SLR cameras and is available in a variety of lens sizes.

Give your lenses a hassle-free upgrade with the baLens White Balance Lens Cap, available for $45-$65 at Photojojo.

Also for sale at:

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