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Best Mail Day Ever: DIY Birthday Surprise!

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DIY Birthday Mail Surprise, photo by Jordan Ferney

Birthday mail is the best mail, don’t you think??  Now, imagine getting 112 birthday greetings from all your favorite people that, when combined, forms a giant mural!  BEST mail day ever, right?  Jordan from Oh Happy Day has the deets on kicking off this awesome birthday mail campaign — check it out!

DIY Birthday Mail Surprise, photo by Jordan Ferney

My favorite part, aside from how ridiculously clever this DIY birthday idea is, is all the sweet notes written on the back!  This would be a great way to get family and friends in on a simple but heart-warming birthday gift — kind of like this 60 years of memories idea — but with a little more pizzazz!

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DIY Birthday Mail Surprise

Your Words, Beautifully Hand Written: Love Letter Transcriptions by Paperfinger

Love Letter Transcription by Paperfinger

Love Letter Service by Paperfinger, photo by StudioAlex

When was the last time you wrote a love letter? A real love letter.

Was it high school? Have you never? Those that began “Dear Diary” only sort of count.

There’s nothing quite like pausing to read the feelings of the heart put to paper. A love letter transcends a single moment. It can be treasured, hugged even, and adored again and again.

Now that you’re all grown up, emotions are stronger, relationships more meaningful, yet writing a love letter is something you rarely stop to do.

What’s holding you back? Your penmanship? Perhaps you’re concerned the gesture won’t fully express the way you feel.

Well let’s forget all that. Bryn Chernoff, aka Paperfinger, is here to help. Bryn provides a love letter service—she takes your words, your passion, your affection, and transcribes it in beautiful, calligraphic script on lovely, textured, Italian stationery. Complete with a wax seal if you choose.

Love Letter Service by Paperfinger

Love Letter Service by Paperfinger, photo by StudioAlex

It’s the complete package for your sentimental heart, a tangible expression of your love, and an indelible romantic impression only a love letter can provide.

And don’t you worry about the words. As Bryn says in an interview with Felt & Wire, “A lot of folks think that a love letter needs to use grand language or the most poetic phrasing. The point is not to try and turn into Shakespeare just because you’re writing a letter. The most romantic thing about a love letter is feeling treasured and knowing that someone took the time to appreciate you thoughtfully and expressively.

Just write simply, as though you had to explain to someone else what you truly love about that person.”

Orders placed by Feb. 8th will be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day and can be purchased at Felt & Wire or Paperfinger.


Love Letter Transcription by Paperfinger

Celebrating a Life: 60 Years of Memories

60 Years of Memories / Image: Holly Burns

60 Years of Memories, photo by Holly Burns

Every now and then, you come across a gift idea so brilliant–and so brilliantly heartfelt–that it restores your faith in humanity. You may call that hyperbole, but I’m being totally serious. My heart swelled and I got all teary eyed after reading about this gift idea from Holly Burns. As a way to celebrate her dad’s 60th birthday, she gathered letters and nostalgic tales from all the people nearest and dearest to him. The result is a collection of 60 years of memories, a story of a life, woven together by events big and small. It’s a gift that will be cherished not only now, but for generations! I mean, how can you beat that?

60 Years of Memories / Image: Holly Burns

60 Years of Memories, photo by Holly Burns

While this idea originated as a birthday gift, I love the thought of adapting it for other significant events: wedding anniversaries, retirement, even Mother’s/Father’s Day! Do you have any other ideas on how to expound on or adapt this idea? Who would you give the gift of memories to? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Also, please, please, please go read Holly’s post–it’s beautifully written, full of photos, and is guaranteed to give you warm fuzzies.

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60 Years of Memories / Image: Holly Burns