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The Many Desks of Dear Hancock

Dear Hancock Desk Collection - Summertime and Surfer

Summertime Desk, Surfer’s Desk

We’ve got double the love for Dear Hancock this week. Their whimsical, hand-painted stationery collections are always a Wantist favorite (remember these holiday gems?) and recently their Desk Collection had me smiling.

A Summertime Desk? Now there’s a desk I can get behind.

Dear Hancock Desk Collection

The Gardener’s Desk, Music Lover’s Desk, Baker’s Desk, The Artist’s Desk

Boxed sets make great gifts, or if penning one yourself the notes put a fun spin on a letter from the desk of, yours truly. Wherever you may sit.

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  1. i love these!!! the book desk would be mine, minus the cat :). thank you so much for always finding the the dreamiest of products. don’t know what i would do without you! xo

    • Marni you’re the sweetest! And quite welcome. So glad you like these. Dear Hancock makes such great paper goods. love love.

  2. Thanks Brittany. So glad you like them!