Wantist: Give Amazing Gifts

Nice people say the nicest things

We feel so loved. In no particular order, here’s some people who’ve said some really nice things about us recently. Go visit their sites!

holstee header

HOLSTEE is a wonderful online store with a mindful approach and an inspiring mission, created by Mike, Dave and Fabian (hey guys!). They talked up Wantist recently acknowledging that, “We all know it’s better to give than receive.”

Not Your Average Ordinary

Brandi is one of the many amazing friends we made at Alt Summit. She calls herself a Renaissance soul (don’t you just love that?), and she’s a super smart gal who loves to fill her brain with sciencey-, foodie-, philosophy-type stuff. She writes from the heart on her blog and we’re flattered that she wrote about us.

cargoh header

The love us, they really love us! And we love them too. Cargoh‘s a marketplace for indie designers, with a social hook, created by Paul and Cariann, our latest partners in entrepreneurial coupledom, and more new friends from Alt. They think we’re super slick and we think that’s really sweet.

Will Work for Cupcakes header

Tasia and Mary of Will Work for Cupcakes are stylish, crafty, indie-music loving girls with a fun blog full of images and inspiration. They say, “thanks to Wantist, you will never have a problem finding a gift again!” We sure like to think so. Thanks, ladies.

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1 Comment

  1. Honestly, how could I not write about Wantist? It’s brilliant. More brilliant than most philosophy. Even Aristotle (at least in my opinion).