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DMTC: Smile Cooking Toaster

Smile Toaster by Xu Yan Xiang

Didn’t Make the Cut: Gifts on Wantist must meet two criteria—the ability to buy it today and overall gift greatness. When we come across something we’d like to share but doesn’t pass the test, we post it here.

We all know that a good breakfast is a healthy way to start the day, so it stands to reason that smiling toast would be a healthy, and happy, addition to your morning routine.

Our friend Melissa helped us discover this grinning gadget—something funny for someone geeky we thought. But alas it’s only a concept and the closest match in the retail world was not nearly as snazzy, nor reliable.

Have a suggestion for something funny for someone geeky? Let us know in the comments below.

(Thanks, Melissa!)

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