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A briefcase that’s oh-so-smooth

Sam's Garage Briefcases

Hand-crafted bent plywood briefcases from Sam’s Garage

Looks good on you

A favorite piece of furniture, a beautiful chair; you’ve caught yourself in a long gaze staring at its classic materials and seductive form. Just me? Oh, I know you love a sexy bent ply lounger when you see one.

Even better than that, imagine yourself in said chair after a long day, shirt untucked, tie loosened, a glass of red in your hand. Looks good on you, doesn’t it?

As great as you feel, you can’t take that chair with you to tomorrow’s meeting. But you can take one of these briefcases from Sam’s Garage. It’s like portable furniture.

In the garage

Sam Mobley hand-crafts briefcases out of his studio in Denver, CO. A man of many talents, he started Sam’s Garage around five years ago to pursue a mixture of interests—woodworking, screen-printing and graphic design. Sam has an impressive portfolio of custom work and lately he’s been exploring the use of bent plywood (shaped by gluing thin wood veneers together while bent around a form) for a series of products. The designs are completed with original screen-printed graphics.

The briefcases, Sam says, are “an ode to the luggage designers of the 50s and 60s,” and come in three styles of graphics—one for every taste.

Pack up and head to your next presentation in style. Sam’s Garage briefcases are $185.

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