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Drop, do you? Bamboo to the rescue

Vers wooden cases keep your iPhone beautifully protected

Green like grass

If you’re tough on your iPhone, but trying to tread lighter on the planet, then this is your case. A great choice for those who (eek!) toss their phone in their bag as they do a sock into the washer.

From the makers of quite possibly the most lovely, compact iPod sound system are these Vers iPhone/iPod cases. They’re hand-crafted of bamboo making them very strong, lighter than most other cases, and especially renewable. Other sustainably harvested wood choices are also available.

Visually the natural style and texture of the wood are a nice contrast against the gloss and chrome of the iPhone. And if you like the feel of hardwood under your feet then you’ll probably like how it feels in your hand.

Strong like steel

Think of the Vers Slipcase as armor for your iPhone. It completely surrounds the device, including the screen, with the exception of an opening at the top where the phone slides in, a window in the front to read the time and a slot in the back to eject the iPhone. The case is also lined to resist scratching.

If you’re more a protect-while-operating kind of person, we’ve been told an open-front Shellcase is coming soon.

Warm up your iPhone with the look and feel of hand-crafted wood. Cases available in cherry, bamboo or walnut for the iPhone, iPod touch, nano and classic for $34-$39.

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