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The grill that’s hot, even when it’s off

Fuego’s new Element grill is compact, affordable and stunning

Holy patio party

Okay urban dwellers, minimalism fans and lovers of all things tightly packaged in a lovely combination of innovation and simplicity, this is your grill.

When Fuego hit the backyard scene three years ago with their high-end visual masterpiece honka-honka grill, heads turned. It’s a beaut, and it’s for outdoor spaces that wouldn’t be caught dead with anything less (at a whopping 3K).

Now Fuego has obliged the rest of us with its debut of the Element, a gas grill that is both smart and stylish in its design and sold at a more accessible price.

Cookin’ with gas

The propane tank sits inside a perforated panel in red, white, stainless steel or dark gray. There are two burners with adjustable settings—one for baking and roasting, the other for standard grilling.

To minimize confusion, there’s one knob—hooray for keeping it simple. And for a complete array of outdoor cooking possibilities, a stone pizza baking surface and a cast iron griddle plate are available separately.

Itty bitty city space

Living in the city, we’re really into features that make the Element a space saver. The grill stands at 3 feet tall and is only 21″ wide. A wood prep tray swings out (on the 01 and 02 models) so you have a place to set your beer down (or cooking tools, whatever). It’s also on casters, so if you need it out of the way, no problem.

For the month of August, Fuego is hosting a contest to win an Element. All you have to do is post a picture showing why you need a grill upgrade. Some pretty great submissions so far—take a look.

Heat things up in your backyard. The Element grill by Fuego starts at $449.

Also for sale at:

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