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Bumble and bumble videos teach hair how-tos

A lesson in goo

There’s a good chance you already know and love Bumble and bumble and if you don’t, we’ve discovered a really good reason to check them out.

First a story. This may sound familiar. After a recent haircut, I came home determined to avoid the usual scenario: leave the salon looking like a million bucks and then post-shower it’s my turn to give my do a go and boo, up goes the ponytail (or guys—think hat day).

My hair gal had recommended a few Bumble and bumble [Bb.] products to try, so I headed to their website hoping, but a little skeptical, that some fancy goo would do the trick. You see, it’s not for lack of trying, it’s a lack of skills.

Video killed the ponytail

Already into the look and feel of the brand, I was duly impressed when this shopper became the student. A click on any product and there are videos (plural) of how to actually use the stuff (on guys and girls).

Short, simple and well-produced (icing on the cake) these videos did more than provide a pleasant web experience, they added value. (If price had been a thought, it wasn’t anymore.) I learned a thing or two and I confidently added products (more than expected) to my shopping cart.

Bumble and bumble, you’ve just leveled up in my book.

Watch-n-shop for yourself at Bumbleandbumble.com. (The videos are at the bottom of each individual product’s page.) Prices range from $6 for a taste to $81 for a bucketload.

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