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From the Fun Box to the Jewelry Box

Different fun box. MapleXO makes jewelry from old skateboards.

There’s something special about a piece of jewelry that’s one-of-a-kind. As in, you’re the only one who will have anything exactly like it—ever.

So let’s take the greatness of that idea and mush it with another one. Let’s create the jewelry from an unexpected source, something at the end of its life, en route to the garbage and let’s give it a new life. Awesome.

Lindsay Jo Holmes of MapleXO (and a Portland gal to boot) worked her magic and has done precisely that. She makes bracelets, rings and earrings out of retired skateboard decks and they totally rock.

The colors, lines and shapes of the original graphics have a graffiti/poster art vibe while the wear and tear from their kickflipping days give the pieces a gritty, brush-stroke look and ensure that no two are the same.

I’ve had a pair of the hoop earrings for about a year (Jacob found them at one of our favorite Denver stores. Yep, he’s a keeper.) and I get compliments and questions every time I wear them.

For large earrings they’re super lightweight so they don’t give you the aches after wearing them all day. Though inherently scuffed and scratched they are surprisingly smooth to the touch. And because they’re such unique little pieces of art, we think they can be worn with pretty much anything.

Grab a pair for your best girl at RadishUnderground.com for $42. We won’t tell if that best girl is you.

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