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Keep your herbs and erbs fresh with the Herb-Savor


Raise your hand if you think fresh herbs make food super tasty. Now raise your hand if you’ve tossed out heaps of slimy herbs because they went bad before you could finish them. Yeah, us too. Guilty as charged.

Well this product is made to remedy exactly that and we’re dying to give it a go.

Nom nom nom

Fresh basil and cilantro, I occasionally buy them with the best of intentions. Prepackaged in generous portions, I’m hesitant because we’d have to have mounds of the stuff with our Cherrios in order to use them up before they go bad.

Would I have my herbs and eat them too if they lasted a couple weeks longer? Damn straight I would.

Smart, smart and smart

The Herb-Savor by Prepara takes into account a handful of really clever design considerations. The base of the contraption is a water well that the cut stems dip into keeping them fresher longer. It has a stopper in front for easy filling and refilling. A stainless steel basket inside can be used for rinsing the herbs and helps hold them in place. The tall slender shape saves shelf real estate and the clear plastic is a window to an herbaceous mini-forest in your fridge.

(Apologies to Eddie Izzard for the title.)

Thought up in Inna’s Ohio kitchen, Prepara began as an entire family effort. Start saving your herbs with an Herb-Savor from Prepara.com for $29.95.

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