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Data travels lightly with this key-shaped USB flash drive

Take me with you

USB flash drives have been around for about nine years now. Portable by design, they keep getting smaller while their storage capacities get larger—two welcome innovations except for one thing: what is small is easily misplaced or left behind.

Stuck on you

We’ve seen tethered cases, branded lanyards and jewelry of all kinds designed to help you keep up with your drive. As clever as some of them are they also tend toward visually obnoxious or functionally cumbersome. We’re excited about the LaCie itsaKey because it’s none of those things. It’s simple, nice-looking and serves its purpose discreetly.

Have keys will travel

It’s pretty difficult to go anywhere without your keys whether you’re locking up behind you or igniting a vehicle to get you there, they tend to make it with you out the door.

No more damn-I-meant-to’s or it’s-right-where-I-left-it’s, with the itsaKey you should make it where you’re going with your device in tow. (Just don’t lose your keys.)

Data that dangles

While we love pretty much everything about the itsaKey, a heads-up for people who still lug around a keychain reminiscent of your high school days. Just as they yanked on your ignition while drooped across your knee, a heavy set of keys hanging off your computer does not a happy USB port make.

On the other hand, if your ports have a surface nearby that can support the weight of the keys—let’s say, off the side of your keyboard or laptop—then we think this is a pretty great solution for giving your data some legs.

LaCie makes sexy hardware without sacrificing the safety of your digital stuff. The itsaKey works with Macs and PCs (and Linux geeks, you’re cool too). The 8GB is $30 at Amazon (the 4GB is $22).

Also for sale at:

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