Wantist: Give Amazing Gifts

75 gifts for picky people (16–30)

Happy gift giving!

We’ve pulled together a list for your friends, your family, yourself. Many of the stores selling these items are full of other great ideas so consider this a jumping off point in your search for the perfect gift.

TCHO-a-day 60 pack

TCHO-a-day 60 • $35

Our favorite obsessive chocolate company out of San Francisco, TCHO’s sixty-day barrel of bars is just thing to show a chocolate lover how mush you love them. An assortment of their four flavors, there’s one to suit your mood each day, even when you’re feeling a little Nutty.

Nooka ZEM Zot NT Watch in black on white background

Nooka ZEM Zot NT Watch • $375

Known for reinventing the way we tell time, Matthew Waldman’s Nooka wristwatches make an unquestionable fashion statement. With much of Nooka being bright and playful, we were stoked to see the new ZEM line with its gem-cut case and black stainless steel band.

Rules for My Unborn Son

Rules for My Unborn Son • $10

Determined to “get some things straight before I get old and uncool,” Walker Lamond began a collection of fatherly advice on his blog of the same title as this new book. Known for its wit and gentlemanly composure, these rules for becoming a good man have a thing or two to teach—boy or big fella.

Lemon Basil Rice Hull Garden with blossomed basil

Lemon Basil Rice Hull Garden • $15.50

Really, what’s better than fresh herbs at your finger-tips? With just a little space, a little water and some sunshine, these biodegradable pots grow a beautiful bouquet of your favorite herb. A great gift, the lid becomes the saucer and the seeds and soil are ready to go.


BookMarker • $5.99

Our books are filled with tabs and highlighted paragraphs but for the books we don’t want to mark up, we’ve faced a dilemma. From the makers of the BookSling (also a favorite), this very flat pen serves as a bookmark and flag dispenser with a strap that keeps it tightly in place.

PACT Underwear, boy shorts

PACT Underwear • $18–$25

With a motto of “Change starts with your underwear”, PACT’s mission is bigger than simply providing warmth for your tush. With styles for men and women, the underwear line is made with organic cotton and responsible labor and gives 10% of their sales to great causes.

Pantone Coffee Mugs stacked

Pantone Coffee Mug • $14.99/ea

We totally geek out over these. Resembling the Pantone color chips designers know all too well, these mugs pay tribute to time spent finding just the right color and the coffee that helped you through it. We prefer to choose our colors, so get them individually at Pop Deluxe.

Where Flavor Was Born book cover

Where Flavor Was Born • $40

Part travelogue, part cookbook this beautiful title by Andreas Viestad, “explores the culinary wonders along the legendary spice route, from Zanzibar to India to Bali and everywhere in between”. Learn the origins of spices used across the globe and enjoy gorgeous photography while you do.

Buddha Cat Wall Perch

Buddha Cat Wall Perch • $70–$100

Cats are nimble climbers and superstar nappers so a cat perch is a natural kitten accessory. With its second appearance on Wantist, we’re still celebrating Square Cat Habitat’s modern feline furniture and think it’s the perfect gift for the cats and cat people in your life.

Red Leaf Room Spray

Red Leaf Room Spray • $14

With scents inspired by things you might find in your kitchen, Red Leaf’s handmade bath and body products are a huge hit on Etsy. With a concentrated long-lasting formula and a minimal design that you won’t mind leaving on top of the tank, the room spray in Black Tea is one of their many products we’d like in our stocking.

Dosh 002 6card Wallet

Dosh 002 6card Wallet • $90

When slim, durable and hot come together in a wallet, our heads turn. The Australian company, Dosh caused such a reaction when we stumbled across their beautifully designed wallets in eleven great colorways. There’s a center clip for cash and the polymer material is flexible and washable.

Rainy Bearded City Tee

Rainy Bearded City Tee • $22

From our talented, indie art collective neighbors at Tender Loving Empire is this t-shirt that is decidedly northwest. In a golden mustard yellow, we’ll gladly pay tribute to the beards, the rain and the trees in one of these.

Queen Bee Small Edith Peony Tote

Queen Bee Small Edith Peony Tote • $84

Rebecca Pearcy has grown her handmade bag and accessory line into a force to be reckoned with. Queen Bee, now a team of eleven, recently announced their switch to an entirely PVC-free faux leather material and introduced these adorable Edith totes made of wool felted from textile scraps.

Neoprene Camera Pocket

Neoprene Camera Pocket • $13

We’ve been needing a small case for our point-and-shoot and didn’t want to overdo it with frills or bulk, so we found our pick with this one. A simple, protective case that allows us to confidently drop our camera into the bag is just what we’ve been looking for. It’s a nice price from our favorite travel store, Flight001.

We Are So Good Together

We Are So Good Together • $36

Five words we know are true, but we’d sure love an artistic reminder every now and then. This open edition poster by I Am Still Alive in Brooklyn is a letterpress design printed on archival recycled paper. They sell out quickly and we’re happy to find them at the cutest of the cute, ReForm School in LA.

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