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Dear Great Teachers, Thanks for Teaching Us

Teacher Thank You Note Cards by dbPhoto

Teacher Thank You Note Cards by dbPhoto

I’ve had some wonderful teachers in my life, both in the classroom and others I’m fortunate to call friends. They continue to leave lasting impressions on me (some I couldn’t forget if I tried). They also taught me important lessons of persistence, patience and the difference between there, their and they’re.

Held annually on October 5th, today’s a special day to recognize teachers, set up by the educational division of the United Nations, to celebrate the essential role of teachers worldwide.

For World Teachers’ Day I wanted to share with you two inspirational tales from the internet of ways to show gratitude for your teachers. One, a public show of thanks on a unique and thoughtful website—you can participate too! The other, an example set by a sweet friend with a big heart that we can take and implement any day of the year.

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Screen shot 2011-10-05 at 11.53.01 AMWrite Thank You Notes to Teachers by Erin Loechner

Make This Gift: Colored Pencil Jewelry

DIY Colored Pencil Jewelry / image credit: Kate Lilley

Put on your crafty hats, it’s time to get busy! Whether as a back-to-school gift for teachers, a thank you gift for artsy friends, or a birthday gift for your niece, this colorful pencil jewelry is your ticket to being the coolest gift giver in town. Not wild about super bright colors? Consider using muted tones or soft greys and whites. There’s something for everyone here, folks.

Kate from Mini Eco has kindly offered full tutorials for making your own basic pencil beads (for necklaces or bracelets), as well as pointy beads, and even brooches! Check out her guest post on Design Mom to start crafting your own colored pencil jewelry!