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No More Vanilla Gifts! eCreamery Custom Ice Cream

No More Vanilla Gifts Campaign by eCreamery

No More Vanilla Gifts Campaign by eCreamery

eCreamery is an online gourmet ice cream and gelato shop that let’s you customize your ice cream gifts. You choose the flavor combinations, the crunchy or chewy bits, the packaging, even the name, and send it right to the door of your recipient.

Custom Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts from eCreamery

Custom Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts from eCreamery

While that’s undeniably deliciously awesome, the cherry on top that has me falling scoop over cone for eCreamery is their hilarious No More Vanilla Gifts campaign. They’re taking a stand against vanilla gift giving which they claim, “can lead to tragedy, embarrassment and shame.”

I’m inclined to agree. I’ve included a couple of their videos for your viewing pleasure but visit the site to see more. Some show a not-so magical gift exchange, while others show the excitement of giving an amazing custom gift—which in their case is of course ice cream. Too fun.
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no_more_vanillanecktie_nightmarecash_moneyCustom Ice Cream & Gelato Gifts from eCreamery

New! Personalized Books and Back-to-School Gifts by Chronicle Books

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Gifts for Kids

MyChronicleBooks Personalized Gifts for Kids

What kid wouldn’t want to star in their favorite children’s book? The all new MyChronicleBooks helps make storytime even more special with gifts you can customize in just a few clicks.

Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Create a personal dedication page in a slew of popular books. Choose from back-to-school gifts like lunch boxes (with a hidden chalkboard inside!), notebooks, and stickers that are personalized just for them. Make your little one the star of the story in select titles such as What Big Brother Does Best.

I love this new project form Chronicle and can’t wait to see what other books and gifts they add to the collection.

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Back-to-School Personalized Supplies designed by Julia Rothman

Celebrate The Happy Couple With Wine For Future Anniversaries

Wine For A Wedding Gift Box

Classic Trio Gift Box from Wine For A Wedding

Here in the heart of wedding season, do you find yourself stumped when it comes to gifts? I mean registry gifts are great. They’re a sure thing, a quick win, and not to be disregarded.

Sometimes however, all the events surrounding the wedding might mean you need more than one gift—in which case a double dip in the registry is pretty boring.

Other times, you’re looking to do something different, a little more unique, a little more special, for the couple who has it all. You’ve come the right blog ;)

Wine For A Wedding is wedding gift extraordinaire! These beautifully engraved wooden boxes, crafted in Kirkwood, Missouri, are artful wishes for a happy, lasting, romantic marriage.
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Wine For A Wedding Flourish Gift BoxWine For A Wedding Flourish detail

Create a Custom Photo Strip Phone Case

Case-Mate DIY Tool examples

What do moms love? Moms love photos of their babies. And what do moms use every day more than any other thing in their bag? Their phone. So doesn’t it make perfect sense to make mom a super cool case that lets her take her favorite faces with her wherever she goes? Of course it does!

That’s why we’re all over Case-Mate’s new DIY features to customize a case for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Best-Friendship Day, any day!

Case-Mate DIY Photo Booth Cases

Use a single photo, or pick several!

Case-Mate DIY Tool choose your layout

Choose your layout using Case-Mate’s DIY Tool

In addition to decking out your case with a single photo, now Case-Mate’s easy DIY tool let’s you create collages, photo strips and other arrangements. Tell the story of a favorite memory—a big trip, an anniversary, a family photo session, a messy time baking in the kitchen—by recreating it on the back of her phone.

The DIY tool works with many many smart phone styles and you can upload images straight from your photo library or even right out of Facebook or Instagram—hello filters!

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Case-Mate DIY Tool choose your layoutCase-Mate DIY Photo Booth Cases

Besotted Brand Woodcut Stamp for the Newly Wed

Besotted Brand Woodcut Couples Monogram Personalized Stamp

I just had to chuckle when I saw Tristan’s latest addition to her shop, Besotted Brand. It’s a monogram stamp for couples that can be personalized with their Missus and Mister initials. (That’s not the funny part.)

Just like everything from Besotted it’s simple and beautiful. (Not funny either.)

In Tristan’s case, her mister bears the first initial “A” making for a particularly cheeky double entendre. (There it is.)

My dear friend Megan gets married next week and it’s impossible not to have wedding on the brain. When I saw this I immediately thought of her (act surprised M+M!). Weddings are just so lovey and fun. I can’t wait!

I love that this is a gift the couple can use for quite a long time. First for their thank yous—maybe she writes, and he stamps? And all other ways throughout the years.

As the holidays near how fun would it be to stamp initials onto presents and handmade gifts? Friends and family would definitely know which packages were from the newlyweds.

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